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Possible offline / local co-op game mode

I was thinking... what about a hvv game mode in which you re-enact scenes from the movies with AI enemies. Such as the fight between Obi-wan and greivous, luke and Vader, palp and yoda, and even ani vs dooku. Maps for each fight would be either small sections of already created maps or new, very small maps that are in the movies like grievous’ flagship with ani and obi-wan. Fights would be quick but you could increase the AI difficulty from what it is in co-op to something close to how a player would play. As far as local co-op goes, you could do a versus more where you go against each other without the annoying AI infantry shooting at you like in arcade, or you could team up like (again) ani and obi-wan on grievous’ flagship. I’d like to see how everyone feels about this. To me, it seems like it could be a lot of fun for people who love the movies and want to spend time with their RL friends. lmk
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