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Most MVP Hero / Villain ATM?

In here give your opinion on who you think is MVP Hero or Villain at the moment. I say atm because things are always changing because of buffs and nerfs right?

For LS I would say it is Luke Skywalker, based on his speed and abilities offered. His dash attack is also a great escape IMO. His abilities give him range and speed.

For DS I would say Maul actually, because using him feels very similar to Luke, if Luke is Ryu then Maul is Ken. Trading the dragon punch for the fireball like trading the ground pound for the saber throw. Maul's dash like Luke's also feels like a fast way to escape. Though Vader felt stronger after this update, and no doubt stronger then Maul, he cannot get out of combat as fast as Luke or Maul. I will say this though, his combo of levitate and saber throw (Kitana homage) feels once again effective as it was in the earlier days of this game.
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