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Make Bossk Great Again - Ocyrax_2

Can DICE please rework Bossk's Relby-V10 as it just sucks in medium and close combat. I love Bossk but his blaster just sucks. This would fit in perfect as Chewbacca is getting a rework for his blaster too. Don't buff the Relby, rework it to the way it was in Battlefront 2015, there is no way Bossk can win a 1v1 against any hero in the game if his abilities are on cooldown because his gun is so inaccurate and weak, doesn't even have a crosshair and headshots do no bonus damage unless you're sniping. All we can do is tickle our opponents. His melee strikes should be buffed as well. Please DICE #MakeBosskGreatAgain


  • It's long overdue
  • Flamez
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    edited February 27
    They should change his Sniper expert star card to something useful and give him increased melee dmg with predator instincts. he should get also get a slight mobility buff because his roll sucks and a wider/faster jump, he doesn't feel lizard like enough to me. Give us the 2015 bf relby and fix the reticle so it's actually portrays where the the sniper blast goes.

    This one is controversial but unrelenting predator is too niche since ultimate increase time he has grenades while getting a longer speed boost. If using two instinct cards it would better to use ultimate with resilient predator.

    and replace the star card that makes gas cloud wider cause it doesn't even work.
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  • Yes please. Been asking for this for ages. It's current close range mode is a fake shot gun reticle that doesn't reflect the actual size of the blast at all and makes it harder to aim. Would love it if they replaced the unscoped reticle with one that reflects the actual accuracy of the unscoped shot, increased the damage range of the unscoped shot, and increased the damage of uncharged scoped shots. Bossk badly needs to be viable at mid range and he isn't currently.
  • ROMG4
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    His current one shot blaster fits perfectly with his playstyle of hopping over and over again to throw off blaster and saber aim

    As much as I might like a different blaster, if you change it you'll likely end up doing nothing but damaging his playstyle

    Much like with what happened with maul
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