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Things you'd spend credits on or buy crystals for?

Starfighter skins? Hero/Trooper skins? Weapon boxes? More Emotes/Victory poses/Banter? Grinding up a couple of new weapons would be cool i guess. Rey's final outfit and saber. Episode 8/9 Luke even though he never actually fought in the movies, except the duel with Rey (lol) and his force ghost fight, anyway he still got moves. That's it for me for the moment, dunno about you.


  • I would spend money only for starfighters contents/skins.
    The rest i can purchase with credits or leave it where it is...
  • I buy everything in credits and I have everything. I don't need crystals.
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  • Sath
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  • Id buy Delta Squad Commando skins even if they were crystal exclusive
  • At this point in the games life, nothing.
  • It would have to be a skin that I REALLY want.
  • There was a time I would have spent real money on certain skins however since support for this game has gotten so bad I'm never going to spend real money.
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  • Hero skins and emotes
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  • I’d pay money for an “I’m Han Solo” emote or an “empire today” emote for boba, we’ve already been getting less serious lately so might as well go full on fortnite! Wouldn’t mind some pilot trooper skins like others have posted or a Jango Slave 1 skin
  • An Old Ben Skin.
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  • Skins!!! For Troopers! And Starfighters
  • Lonnisity
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    Pilot skins, armored officer skins for Rebellion and Resistance eras, any skin that gives rebels sick armor, Luke’s bespin and pilot skins, tank and patrol trooper Empire skins, mountain trooper First Order skin, new blasters, new blasters, and new blasters.
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  • Skins & emotes for sure

    They should let you buy like 1.5 - 2x exp via credits
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  • jonci
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  • This...
    JMaster wrote: »
    An Old Ben Skin.

    But also this...
    Empire_TW wrote: »
    There was a time I would have spent real money on certain skins however since support for this game has gotten so bad I'm never going to spend real money.

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  • Real content.....
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