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Supremacy Idea - Add Trooper Count like Battlefront 2004

With OG Battlefront 2004 on XBox Games with Gold I took the nostalgia goggles off to compare supremacy to the game mode from Battlefront 2004 (since that's what supremacy and instant action in Battlefront 2 2017 try to replicate). I've come the conclusion that three things are holding back Supremacy when compared to the original game.
  1. The "Default" spawn location. If you control certain command posts the other team shouldn't be able to spawn in a region of the map you cannot go and instantly flank your position. Give each side the two command posts nearest their current "Default" at the start of each ground phase and leave the "middle" command post up for grabs.
  2. Add a reinforcement/trooper count. Rather than count up to 100% at an arbitrary rate, why not have 100 or 150 troopers and when those die your ground forces are gone and the other team regroups for an attack on the capital ship. Controlling the majority of command posts causes the other faction's count to decrement, like Battlefront 2004. As it is right now you're just on the ground for seemingly no reason other than to wait for gunships to go up and attack the enemy capital ship.
  3. The ground phase goes into "Overtime" similar to GA modes if you control no command posts. Having teammates inside a command post to capture it will prevent the Overtime countdown (just like GA), however, since you can only spawn on teammates or command posts (of which you have none), it is very likely, though not guaranteed, the round will be over.



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