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Heroes and their abilities

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edited February 18
Hello There

I came here hoping to discuss the future of hero combat within the new battlefront series
I have spent time with this title on both PC and PS4 and have found both love and hate for many of the mechanics throughout the game

Why is Anakin the only hero with a triangle (2) ability so far?
I feel as though many characters could use another ability in that same slot

DarthMaul- when you think of darth maul you probably think hatred blind rage adaptability unless facing small children with plot shielding hanging from a ledge. I feel as though he should be able to disable his double lightsaber consuming less stamina and bringing back his orignal throw also with it the old damage. As well as having the ability to block all around him with said double lightsaber.

Obi Wan- This chiseled god of a man is a force to be reckoned with when hanging from ledges or on the high ground. Even when struck down he remains hovering around as a force ghost telling you to use the force on that pickle Jar. You dont really need to do anything with him I just wanted to state that.

I have more ideas for characters but I shall leave this brief I hope the comedy managed to keep a few of you I know your team has trouble keeping focus on one task.

-May the Force be with you


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