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1st Shock Battallion Recruitment

Hey, I'm Flanders_312 (AKA CT Zink) of the 1st Shock Battalion,

The 1st Shock is a very small and very new milsim SWB2 group who specialise in the Coruscant Guards. Although we are small we have a very good and well-defined command structure, and similar to other milsims cough cough 104th cough cough we hold regular trials for people to ascend from cadet to private, and then onwards to ARC and Commando, if your skills are up to the challenge. We would love to have more members join, so that we can rival fellow milsims. We are a predominantly GMT based milsim and would love to expand into more timezones.


If you need a hand with anything once you've joined don't hesitate to msg me (@Darth Flinders/@CT Zink) and I will be happy to help wherever I can.

We have dreams, but without you, they will never become a reality!
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