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PS4 Lag caused by players on purpose?

Last night in Supremacy, we had this guy on the opposite team playing as Kylo Ren. Game ran almost fine - some minor lag, but every time he showed up around me or my friends, our game would just lag like hell. Couldn't shoot properly, couldn't move properly, nothing worked. He just killed everyone as we were staggering, he was teleporting all over the place and he went on a rampage. Then as soon as he left our screen / radar area, game would run almost fine again. My friends and I don't live in the same area at all in EU, so this is not our connection issue.

I asked the player how he did this because it was pretty obvious and he said he had a lag switch via PSN message app... So its not him using is abilities...

How does this work? He ended up with a 200+ kill streak and just made the game miserable for everyone.

I have played this game since early access so I know a glitch / hack when I see one.


  • That's really sad... I hate this kind of people.
  • Yes, I've seen this happen on xbox too. The same two players getting the heroes every match and then teleporting around basically being invincible murder machines. Thankfully it is a very rare experience.
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