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Online is getting worse and worse

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Game is now not responding. Hopefully you could give us more offline content, I just left HVV teammates in a very bad situation.


  • It's very tough when you play as light side heroes. The trick is to stay together with your team and strike when the other side are separated. I wish we could get offline H v. V
  • hosco33
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    edited March 9
    Sorry, I meant performance, sometimes it's awful. Next happened in co-op, but happens in other modes too.

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  • hosco33
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    Server nodes should start being shut down once we have these offline modes, not before that:

  • For me is the other way around i haven't suffered from lag this weekend, my only problem continues being that sometimes the server disconects me changing maps or leaving after entering an empty match and it crashes to desktop.
    Are you playing via lan cable or wifi? With lan cable there are very few lag.
  • hosco33
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    wi-fi, I didn't notice improvemets with cable some months ago and room looks messy with cables.
  • Cnvs
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  • I'm not having any troubles with connection recently. I play on a PS4 with cabled connect (not over wi-fi) and usually play on EAST US region (occasionally on South America too).

    My main problem with online is the matchmaking... It was bad before, but now it's completely dreadful. I only had 1 balanced game this whole week (I usually play for around 1~2 hours every night, mostly supremacy and HvV).

    I'm not sure what happened with the latest patch or if it's something else, but right now usually one team gets utterly stomped in the match... Blast and GA does not seem to be suffering from this, but I don't think it's just "bad luck" because my win/lose-ratio lately has been around 50/50, but the score differences on these matches are absolutely gigantic (I've had even a few 30+ to 0 wins in HvV matches lately... which is ridiculous, because I'm a terrible hero player hahahaha).
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