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All light side heroes need a buff

This game become super bad and boring in every mode dark side just dominating because of the op dark side heroes.HvV for example is a dead mode because u cant find a single game because all ppl don't want to play with the light side or game ending in 1 min because dark side **** light side and then u play alone or u play 4 vs1 if u are at the dark side.


  • No more buffs! Nerfing DS is better. Buffing heroes means that we'll have more complaints and rage quit in large mode.

  • Leia just got the biggest buff in history with her machine gun
  • Batman20
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    Not all luke is already verging on op and han is fine in HvV and can really dominate if you have a team that sticks together. And leia just got a big buff and is fine
  • In my experience, most of the times, the team that dominated with DS dominates also with LS, I just recall once that didn't happen
  • hosco33 wrote: »
    In my experience, most of the times, the team that dominated with DS dominates also with LS, I just recall once that didn't happen

    You should have said, "in my book, experience outranks everything'
    Captain Rex is better than Commander Cody
  • Guille92h
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    edited March 27
    The lightside is ok, the problem is Vader he is very Op, has a lot of like a health buff block/attack while choking, two lightside heroes are needed to kill him. Vader needs a nerf.
  • The problem with HvV is you get random people who just started playing the game and the teams are incredibly unbalanced their team will have a lvl 200 vader who kills every one and mine has me barely lvl 100 and 4 level 10's
  • Today we played four players that we know each other and are not very bad against another good team when they used the dark side we lost 20-0 they were using Boba Fett, Palpatine and Iden to stun and stop us and Vader (OP) to destroy what was left of us, the we played with the ligh side and we lost 2-0 without using any of the previously said charachters, because the dark side has those 3 of the previously mentioned characters that are very overpowered and the light side doesn't have anything to counter them. Vader has a ton of life if you are not agressive you cannot kill him and if you are agressive he kills you with the choke and lightsaber throw, Boba can avoid the lightsaber heroes flying and overheat the blasters plus bind all of us and cannot be block and rocket barrage goes throw blocks also, Palpatine inmovilizes heroes for a long period and Iden inmovilizes also.
  • The problem is, you not good n if it’s not you then it’s your teammates, I seen so many people in parties that it’s just unfair for the single players lol, first off the light side is good only like and Annie tho🤣 other than that me and my friends have whooped **** as the lightside🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Not tryina be an **** but just saying it’s all the match ups and how your team plays if they spread out then easy win for the ops, but if you stick together then you whoop
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