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More offline maps and game modes

Please add more offline co-op maps and game scenarios. This is a great game but it would be way cooler if you guys added more for those of us who don’t like online playing. Thanks!


  • a_1
    56 posts Member
    I agree 100%. I play more offline split screen with friends and family than I play online. Something like instant action but split screen would be wonderful. I know that there are technical limits to consoles, but if there is a way for it to be done, that would be awesome. Oh, and fix these various Arcade and Instant Action bugs. There’s plenty of small but annoying ones that I’m sure decent game devs can fix. I don’t know how to do it, but I’m sure someone can.
  • I really want the larger scale Geonosis map with access to AT-TE offline. Also being able to pause the screen during Instant Action matches.
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