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Capital supremacy for the galactic civil war

Put it now


  • a_1
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    I like your enthusiasm :). In all seriousness though, why don't they do this? From what I've understood, there's just going to be the ground phase. WHY?! From what I've heard, it's because it wouldn't make sense with canon? Oh, like everything else in the game is canon? I totally remember a battle on Ajan Kloss. It makes sense that the Trade Federation and clones fight on Naboo for Galactic Assault and Ryloth for Starfighter Assault (The MTT and Lucrehulk aren't in Separatist colors for example, so I guess that's who the clones are fighting). They got it right for Capital Supremacy at least. I see no reason to let there be starships for the OT. I'd say more people want it than don't. Also, why no Starkiller or Crait. I feel like it's fine to use your imagination a little.
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