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BUG - Darth Maul abilities won't activate

I know this may sound strange, but sometimes when I'm playing as Darth Maul all my abilities just stop working. I can move around, dodge, block and attack normally, but I can't activate any of the character abilities (spin attack, choke-throw or saber throw).

I've encountered a few times before, but only now that I managed to figure out exactly what causes this issue... it's triggered by a very specific scenario. I start using choke-throw, but if Darth Maul gets hit by a force push-like ability (I've tested with Obi-Wan all-out push and Luke's Push) before the animation kicks in, it triggers the following: my character is hit by the push WAY harder than it should, gets ragdolled around half the map (starts moving around in a weird zig-zag pattern) and after my character recovers from the hit, I can't use any of the abilities (they get greyed out).

I play on PS4, so unfortunately I don't have any footage from this (I'll try to capture and post it here... but the timing is really tricky to get it right, so it just happens at random when I'm playing online). Did anyone else experienced this?


  • Dude, almost none of the hero abilities work correctly anymore. I've stopped playing this game entirely recently due to all the bugs, I just can't take it anymore. I keep getting killed and screwed by things beyond my control that it's insane.

    Healthiest thing I did.
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