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Nerf / buff madness

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Pleasd stop the nerf / buff madness. I cannot catch up every change and I feel rocket jumpers (especially droid's) feel clumsy. Just some obvious needed tweaks but other than that, we can kill any character with another in particular. Speeders are garbage btw, but if you oeave them like that just to stop asking for nerfs and buffs I'm ok.


  • My only thought is to remove Boba Tea from the game.
  • hosco33
    520 posts Member
    One day we'll play just locally against AI or perhaps split screen, and we'll be stuck with all those nerfs. Aerials horizontal ability sucks now, not only droid but clone, yesterday I confirmed.
  • The hero/villain buffs and nerfs is absolute madness. DICE's way of balancing things absolutely sucks, they never compensate a nerf by adding something else with the hero and keeping him balanced.

    DICE's thinking: let's keep buffing Vader and making him a God, but make everyone else inferior to him.
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