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Star Wars: Clone Wars | Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Which do you prefer?

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I personally honestly just cannot pick a favorite. I'm currently waiting for Disney+ to come out in Sweden (my country) so I can watch The Clone Wars through and through as I haven't even watched half of the episodes yet... But I still love that show just like I love the old Clone Wars cartoon. That one I grew up with and I've watched through the entire thing twice on YouTube (2 hours +). But to say some things that I think Clone Wars did better we've got to start off with Fordo. He was the original Advanced Recon Commando badass, duel-wielding DC-17 Hand Pistols the majority of the time. He was the best of the best and could lead a squad of elite soldiers through enemy territory, destroy a bunch of droids, sabotage an enormous cannon and all while only losing one clone in the process. Also, he saves Obi-Wan Kenobi's **** as well as other Jedi's. He can also go up against B2 Super Battle Droids in close quarters, which is mighty impressive.

Another thing which I sorely miss and am dying to see again, is the episode entirely dedicated to Fordo and his elite squad of ARC Troopers. Throughout the entire episode there's only a couple of words spoken. Why? Because Fordo and his men don't need words to communicate. They instead used (real) military hand signals to communicate. Fordo did various things with his hand and directed his troops to certain positions, ordered them to do this and that, all without actually talking. And that's badass. This episode is what I would consider to be the peak of all-things clone troopers in how they are handled. Or more specifically in regards to an elite unit infiltrating an enemy strong-hold and doing so extremely tactically. It was like a mini episode of Republic Commando but without Commandos and chatter.

Something else I love is Anakin and Ventress' fight scene. This show was her debut and holy crap was she made out to be a foe to be reckoned with. But Anakin started tapping into the dark side of the Force towards the end of their fight and stopped fighting like a Jedi and instead fought with raw power and strength. He won. And that scream that he does after he killed her... oh man. I also really like the episode that tackles Anakin's road to knight hood.

The last thing I'd like to mention that I think Clone Wars did better any every single other Star Wars media is making General Grievous actually menacing. No scratch that. Demonic. This show was his debut as well and ooooohhh man is he a force to be reckoned with. That dude literally fought off multiple Jedi all on his own and even managed to kill the majority of them without ever using his second pair of hands. Yes. In that show he is that good. His fighting style is also completely unique as he's very flexible and unpredictable. He also uses his lightsabers with his feet quite often. Seriously. I love that version of Grievous.
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  • bfloo
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    The 2003 cw was better, except for the Calvary charge. Grievous was so much better.
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  • Oh boy was grievous awesome, you said his name and I remembered how he destroyed those guards, clones and Jedi, yes that was definitely his peak, the clones where badass indeed, the arcs where awesome but even the commander was, he switched weapons and destroyed droids beautifully, there where a couple of things that I wasn't crazy about, I haven't seen it for awhile but I remember Anakin being insanely whiny as a padawan, another thing was Mace Windu being a karate master and destroying droids with his bare hands, I wasn't crazy about that, Yoda's horse was cute though, I think that series had a special charm because of how insane and extreme everyone was, made almost everyone awesome, I enjoy both series, both have a special place In my heart. I think my favorite parts are the arc story lines and the grievous story line, the arcs are awesome like you said and like I said that really was grievous at his best, also showed how grievous got his cough.
  • ROMG4
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    bfloo wrote: »
    The 2003 cw was better, except for the Calvary charge. Grievous was so much better.


    This makes it better
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