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The Ahsocult Trial

With the update being delayed and quarantine leaving me with nothing to do, I’d thought we’d have some fun and settle a conflict.
I’ve been accused of treason by @IXPrometheusXI and the rest of the Ahsocult.
My trial had began but has been postponed for quite some time.
Judge @Lawnmow3rMan is currently presiding, but I’m open to offers for a more unbiased judge.
I humbly ask @ROMG4 to be my lawyer in this trying time.

@DiamondxStyles @Landeaux2 @RogueZeroRendar @OoiiHooked_22 and any others that I might’ve forgotten can fill in roles if you want, probably as prosecution or witnesses. Any other members can jump on in too if you want.


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