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Grand Army of the Republic is Recruiting now! [PC] [XBOX] [PS4]

Grand Army of the Republic is Recruting, our Battlefront II community is recruiting new member's to join the conflict against the Separatist scum!
We are simply Open Clone Wars clan/community, open to any ages and any type of player's. We offer diffrent regiment's and Legion to join, Ranking up system on the Discord and great friendly community.
If you would like to join, just connect to our Discord, (Link below) and ask one of the High officials for Tags and further information.


most of, have fun and enjoy your stay in the Galactic republic

Once you join our Discord, please let our Recruiter's in the Interview text channel know, that you would like to get Recruited, we just need to make sure you get all the currect Role's and you are Informed!

Marshall Commander Cody Out.
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