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Milsim Recruitment

To all soldiers of the Republic, a grave time is upon us and we are recruiting men to fight in the ongoing war with the Seppies.

So far we have been winning the war thanks to our cunning tactics and our amazing and extremely active officers, we have lost many throughout the war and we need YOUR help!

We need men, we need NCO’s for our platoons, and officers for our battalions! We need YOU to stand and fight alongside us as a brother!

Through this you may rise through our ranks and get amazing awards such as ARC, or Commando. We offer several battalions including CG, 501st, 41st, and 91st.

Rise through our ranks and together we will beat the Separatists!

We host raids and trainings daily, and we are extremely active, if you are willing to join the fight enlist today!

Join our fight if you believe you have what it takes!

*if you are over the Age if 13 or you are 13 you are eligible to apply*

*This is an Xbox One milsim*

*if you decide to join do <@275757185374617603&gt; so we can log you in our system*
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