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I’m bored so here are concepts for Ahsoka and Ventress

I know this is going to have a lot of insightfuls and arguing/bickering/trolling which I expect but I’m only doing this cause I’m bored from self quarantine.

Health: 650
Health regen: 250
Delay before health regen: 3 seconds
Damage: 120
Damage to back: 135
Stamina: 13
Delay before stamina regen: 3 seconds
Swing speed: 0.8 seconds
Speed: similar to Sith Trooper using combat rush
Description: fast and agile, Ahsoka is best used to ambush and surprise her enemies but is best to get out of a situation before things get too messy.
Left ability: Pressing push: Pushes a single enemy extremely far. Damage is 145 while knockback is 15 meters. Cooldown is 13 seconds. This cannot be blocked but knockback is reduced if blocked
Middle ability: protectful Padawan: all allies in a nearby radius immediately have their health regenerate and their abilities are instantly cooled down, also if they are suffering from any effect(EX: Sith Trooper Grenade effect or Kylo Freeze) those effects are dispelled. Ahsoka doesn’t gain these bonuses but she gets a 50% damage reduction. Cooldown is 20 seconds while duration is 10 seconds
Right ability: leaping slashes: Ahsoka leaps at the nearest enemy and inflicts high damage. This cannot be blocked. Damage is 150. Cooldown is 17 seconds.

Health: 700
Health regen: 225
Delay before health regen: 5 seconds
Damage: 130
Damage to back: 145
Stamina: 14
Delay before stamina regen: 4 seconds
Speed: same as all other saber heroes
Description: a deadly assassin, Ventress uses her anger and deadly skills to eliminate her enemies and get away before anyone realizes she was there.
Left ability: Sinister Strike: Ventress dashes at the nearest enemy with her sabers on the ground and deal heavy damage which is 150. Cooldown is 20 seconds
Middle ability: choke pull: all enemies in a radius are chocked for a while and are pulled to Ventress and are dropped to the ground leaving them vulnerable. Duration of choke is 4 seconds. DPS is 30. Cooldown is 22 seconds. Ventress gains 75% damage reduction.
Right ability: sinister throw: Ventress throws one of her sabers and can continue fighting with her other saber. The saber will home in up to 3 enemies and damage them and will comeback to Ventress once they hit those enemies. Cooldown is 15 seconds and damage is 130. It can be blocked.

Once again I made these because I was bored. I hope you enjoyed them(but I know some of you won’t).


  • LakonPL9
    117 posts Member
    Meh. I don't understand why everyone want them
  • DarthLando
    2354 posts Member

    PSN: DarthLando-
  • I have a few complaints:

    The moveset you gave Ahsoka is basically Yoda's. Recommended fixes:

    Up her damage by 5
    Give her 50 more hp

    Change her abilities to these:

    Pull Strike: Ahsoka uses the force to pull enemies directly toward her and leaps forward, slashing with both her lightsabers, damaging all enemies that were pulled.

    Resourceful Leader: For a short time, Ahsoka and those in a small area around her gain shorter ability cooldown times, 15% damage reduction, and have their movement sped up.

    Defensive Throw: Ahsoka throws one of her lightsabers and defends against lightsaber attacks and blaster fire with her other.
  • evhgear
    67 posts Member
    I think Ahsoka would be a great addition, but I'm less shure for ventress, mostly because she's a secondary character that only figure in Clone War era, while Ahsoka is still alive in sequels era(but we can't really know what she's doin back there).
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