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[PS4][EU][US] | 501st Legion Milsim | The Only Professional Milsim On PS4 |

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Hello, I am General Sangriffin CC-7567 and The 501st Legion simulation unit is now recruiting we are based on the PS4, and we are looking to fill up our roster even more to take on the CIS!


  • Age must be 15+, if you act in a mature manner then exceptions might be made, but that is a might not a definite.
  • Have a willingness to listen and obey instructions, we don’t want people who bring up petty points about being told to do something.
  • Be able to work together, as we focus on squad based combat. We don’t just all split up and have a ‘free for all’ attitude.
  • Phase 1 and phase 2 501st skins are required, if you are wanting to join a 501st unit then you need the skins.
  • Have the ability to be respectful toward others, if you can’t do this then please stop reading this.
  • Frequently use and check discord, you don’t do this well you will be removed simple.
  • Have a certain level of competency, this is a given.
  • Have the ability to take pressure, if you can’t handle the heat then this isn’t the unit for you.
  • Be active, if you fail to attend operations and training consistently without good reason, then you will be removed. Commitment is key to this unit.

What we do/aim to provide:

The 501st provides not only a platform for other like minded individuals who like to play this game but we offer a more canonical experience for our members, what I mean by this is that we mimic the weapons and tactics the GAR used.

Like stated in the requirements squad based gameplay is a big thing for us, and because of that we try and provide an experience that mimics this aim. So don’t be expecting to spawn in and run across the map on your own like in most normal SWBF2 games, because that won’t be happening.

If you are accepted in, the next stage will be your BCT (basic combat training), here you will learn the basics of how this unit operates and what you need to do to succeed, and you might learn something new. This is all part of the experience so don’t take going through BCT as an insult to your playing ability. We may seem overly serious to some who have never been in a simulation unit before, but trust me we are like brothers, if this isn’t for you then that’s fine.

So what is stopping you from joining?

come join the 501st the finest fighting force there is, and help us bring peace to the galaxy by destroying the CIS scum!

Here’s the discord, please join it so we can get you sorted!
If you have any issues or questions reply below or msg me it’s Sangriffin on psn or join the discord below:

Thanks for reading this, and may the force be with you.
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