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The Grand Army


The Grand Army of the Republic

Our Mission:
To find the PS4, PC, Xbox players who wants or may need structure, teamwork, or be around an entertaining community, is this you?!

Game Play:
Relatively open on all platforms with no specific game mode being played all the time, all are pretty well open to your choosing!

END Goal:
We are a healthy community that plays star wars battlefront two together, we would like to keep it so, and keep making great additions to our discord and in game experience. We offer many things to many opportunities & We look forward for people to join us in our battle!

Our discord is always trying its best to engage and support everyone, with full customization of your soldier to small little things, there will be something on our discord that may feel rewarding to many! Once joined you will be asked some very brief non personal questions to get started! After that become one of our 150+ members that battle for constant victory to end the war and bring a new hope to the galaxy.

Join by clicking this link-->

Looking forward to hear from you and seeing you on the battlefield soldiers!
SC-7567 "Rex" 501st
PSN-> CC_Rex-7567jnk7q16k210h.jpg


  • ovoish
    1 posts Member
    Hey Thibsman I want to join but I cant seem to add my discord on there, Can you please add me and put me in the server? it would help me tremendously!! my discord is ovoish#8559 . Thanks!
  • Thibsman
    25 posts Member
    Got you covered! :)
    PSN-> CC_Rex-7567jnk7q16k210h.jpg
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