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[All] We are the Mando'ade [Milsim & hangout, 13+]

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Su cuy'gar ogir / Hello there

As of the recent events with BF2 I've decided to start my own Milsim set across platforms, Battlefront 2 support may of ended but that's no reason for us to stop now.

The idea behind this is to provide both a Milsim and a hangout for those players who may or may not be into the Milsim side of the game, and to also give some love to the Mandalorians which may not be a faction but wouldn't be as out of place as you'd think.
Mandalorians are warriors of all races and ideologies who follow the principles of their people.

The idea is to work in a fashion similar to other Milsims like the 104th we all know and love, while maintaining the essence of the Mando'ade, a warrior ideology that values power and honor above anything else, working as an organized army to face against anyone, from the dark forces of the empire to the grand army of the republic or the hopeful militias of the Rebel alliance.

This is also in an attempt to keep the community together and alive, it may not be the huge majority, homewever it is to admit clans have been an important part to keeping the game alive, something we need now more than ever.

Further orders will await you in the Rancors Rest, a holo-net link with the information to contact the true Ad be manda'yaim can be found bellow in order to keep bots outside (discord code in comments, may update later to add it here)
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