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⭐ Star Wars Grand Army of the Republic ⭐ [Community] [All Platforms] [All Ages]

⭐ Star Wars Grand Army of the Republic ⭐
Hello There, if you looking for a somewhere to relax and play Battlefront 2, this is the place. We are a community that strive itself to maintain a relaxed and chill place to play. Now we do have some events that we hold to provide a competitive aspect, but these also try to maintain a friendly competitive attitude.
We have a unique ranking system that can provide you with the want to get on and play the game to progress in rank. Along with that we have five regiments that you can chose to be apart of. These regiment provide some organization to the community but also can give you the feeling of representation toward your regiment.
We hold monthly events that can either help you with boosting your ranking status, giving you a unique role, or giving you the ability to join a special sub-community, either the Republic Commando or ARC Troopers. If you by chance or skill achieve the requirements to be apart of one of those groups you would be considered the one of the best players within the community. The classes have their own ranking structure outside of the normal one. The ranking structure forces to to get better at the game to rank up, and if you start doing consistently bad you may even be demoted.
With All that being said the most important thing it to actually get on and play and make friends along the way.
Good Luck and Happy Fighting
Once you join the discord, if someone doesn't reach out to you, look for a Recruitment Officer. They can get you orientated into the community.
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