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I think I know why Rey is on Jakku alone...

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She's Luke and Leia's child. They had a flare before they knew they were siblings. Once they found out Leia was pregnant, they dropped Rey off on a random planet called Jakku so nobody would find out.


  • LOL not
    but Rey and Kylo they are cousins or brother and sister.
    Kylo's parents are told to you in the film. they are such bad parents.

    they hint to Rey with the flashback being left on the Jakku.

    there is a rumor that in their battle scene one of them says face me cousin.
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  • Lol, no (to the OP).

    Rey was at the Jedi Academy when it was attacked by the Knights of Ren, and was dropped off when the Academy disbanded (Presumably by Luke; all of this was in the vision). Most of the evidence points to Luke being her dad, but her mum will be some other (probably new) character.

    As for the rumour, it's 100% false. Ren says "curses" when he gets hit, and the player hits him just after he says "face me", so it's "face m- CURSES!"
  • It's very predictable that Rey is Luke's daughter. The main character has to be a Skywalker, right?
  • Nyro
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    Rey's mom is Phasma!!!!! dun dun dun
  • DrGuru
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    Rey an inbreed?
  • My theory is that Rey is the daughter of Luke Skywalker. She was a padawan when Kylo turned on Lukes padawans and murdered them. Rey was saved, and taken to Jakku to escape Kylo. Kylo knew of her existence, hence the line in the movie where he says "what girl"? Either she is Luke's daughter, or she's one of the Solo twins. I think my money is with daughter, she's a skywalker. The light saber flew right to her ignoring Kylo, so it's like it's her inheritance to hold that saber as Luke once did.

    Luke Skywalker not only shocked to see her at the end of the film, but shocked to see his old saber.
  • I have confidence in two theories. She can either be the child of Luke, or another Virgin birth like Anakin.

    Being a virgin birth would partially explain her strong force abilities, and thus the "Awakening" that Snoke and Ren felt. Perhaps she was found by Luke, and taken to the Order he was forming, but then he left her on Jakku to prevent her capture/execution by Kylo Ren.

    Kind of like what happened to Luke and Leia at the end of Revenge of the Sith, hidden to be protected from Vader.
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