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Unplayable game due lag



  • xXN0M4DXx
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    edited November 2015
    Been having problems since day one (PC), to be honest I am coming so close to asking for refund. lag so god damn bad isn't funny, had enough. Nothing worse than hitting an enemy 100 times then getting killed 1 shot, or not seeing the enemy till too late and if that isn't enough the freezing, where are these Aussie servers they mention because I haven't noticed damn thing. Just seen where I placed this comment woops wrong section due to frustration I think
  • I just wanted to say that Maestrolie's fix worked for me also. I was having trouble for 2 days but after I opened up ports it has been working fine. Good luck to everyone.

  • Kyosji wrote: »
    Avarice85 wrote: »
    I've pinged a few people on Reddit, but is anyone else having this problem? All throughout my gameplay, i keep getting a sporatic notification at the top-right of my screen about Bad Connections affecting gameplay.

    I've forwarded ports. allowed exceptions through firewalls. I've, literally, spent all day talking with my ISP trying to get this fixed. But nothing works.

    Is this an EA thing? Are many other people having issues?

    Everyone check your Origin profile. Under "Country of Residence" it had some weird 3 letter thing as my country. I say thing, cause not all the letters were actual letters. I set it to the United States, and the last 2 servers I connected to I didn't see the connection message and they ran much smoother. I still had some of the stuttering in the beginning, but it still played much better.

    No luck for me on that. Already had it set properly.

    it's definitely something with how their servers sort people though. or some sort of latency leak.
  • Yeah me too, it makes some matches unplayable. A server browser like bf4 would really help. Please EA/dice sort this out so we can enjoy the game as it was meant to be enjoyed. I've waited 10 years for this game, don't leave it in this state.
  • Same here although sometimes I do manage to get through and play, I also am having the Origin sync error
  • I have this problem too.
  • Same problem for me ! NO FREEZE/LAG in COOP, or also (sometimes) in heros vs vilan, but in other multiplayer mods its unplayable ! Sometime on hoth its ok but its very rare ! Freeeze and Pop up "bad connection"
  • Doesn't matter what mission I play, the game crashes before it loads the mission to begin play.

    Sound is choppy while loading, but doesn't matter - eventually the game just crashes, adds a nondescript error to the application event log. I've updated my graphics driver to the latest version. What can I do short of requesting a refund?
  • Yes, on PS4 I get pop up about slow or bad connection a lot.
  • Still having the issue after forwarding the specified ports. The "test connection" method works for me on some days, but not on others.
  • Mace_ya_face
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    I'm playing the game in the UK, and there is a very serious ping issue. I'm on ~200Mb down and ~20Mb up, with a ping of 20ms. When in game, the ping is only ~30ms and runs fine, but occasionally, the game will jump to 100ms or more! This is according to the "networkperfoverlay" comand. This causes alot of issues in the game.

    This happens on no other online game, evnen other EA games, only battlefront. Map, mode and setignfs make no differance. I have port forwarded all ports that are used by the game, diasbled my AV, Windows Firewall, as well as adding a firewall exception and used a different ethernet port on my router. Nothing works.

    8GB DDR3
    Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2GB
    WD Blue HDD
    Gigabit Ethernet connection

    Thanks for any help.
  • dav
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    Time: 10:30 AM, Sunday Nov. 20th
    Platform: xbox one
    Service provider: Midcontinent Com.
    Down: 71+
    Up: 7+
    Packet loss: 0%
    Latency: 91 ms

    I can get into games, but cannot finish them; I get booted in the middle. This has happened on occasion since the regular release, but for the last hour it has happened repeatedly. Seems like it must be a volume issue—I feel sorry for the people who only have the weekend to play. Hopefully as people get sick of the problems and peel off to play more reliable games, it will get better. :P
  • Hagaren8H
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    edited November 2015
    I've been having the same issue since I bought the game. I can play Hero vs. Villains (which is pretty cool), Cargo and Droid Run, but the other game modes won't work. It always disconnects me. I'm not sure if i'll be able to do the things explained in the previous page in order to solve the problem because i live in student apartments and the connection is shared among residents. I can play FIFA without any problems so I know the issue is with Battlefront ;/ I think it's dissapointing that I have to go through so many problems to play such an expensive game (I also got a $50 PSPlus membership before buying Battlefront, so it makes it even more depressing).
  • 36ophiuchi
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    edited November 2015
    Judging by other forums, I am not the only one with this problem... I cannot connect to any multiplayer games, I just get "Disconnected from servers. Please try again later." I've been trying it for hours now! Yesterday I was able to join games... for the most part that is. I am outraged... payed 50€ and can't play. Apparently EA was not willing to invest in an amount of game servers sufficient for the usual Sunday onslaught. Extremely disappointing. 50€ to look at an error message.
  • same problem in germany.
  • Same here. I'm 120MBS download. Just ran a test to make sure. The lag in the game is so bad it's like 4FPS when running around outside. It locks up when I get killed. It is the worst when outside. Inside not so bad.

    (2) GTX 789 Ti
    Proc i7 5960
    16 GB Ram
    XB290HK Acer G-Sync monitor

    Game was running great yesterday. Today is unplayable.
  • "You have been disconnected from our game server, please try again" this is the message I have received on 99% of my attempts to play a multiplayer match. I finally go into Blast today and that lasted about an hour, this was the 1st and only hour I've been able to play in multiplayer in the 4 days I've owned this "game".
  • Keep the thread going. Encourage anyone else who is having issues to post as well. The more evident the problem, the more likely they will fix it.
  • It happens when someone leaves or joins your game. This has been going on since the beta for me.
  • @askEASupport on Twitter. Everyone start blasting them.
  • Yes, me too. If you could search for a server with a good ping might help, might?
  • Bumping
  • No solution to this yet eh?
  • And it doesn't show up when you try and get a refund.....
  • No solution to this yet eh?

    Not really anything we can do. It's something to do with EA server settings.

    They have to fix it.

    The funny thing is, I had zero lag on the beta. This full release has been a nightmare though.
  • Navykel wrote: »
    @askEASupport on Twitter. Everyone start blasting them.

    I linked this whole thread to that Twitter handle. Hope they get it.
  • Monty, have you tried the static IP on the ps4. And then a DMZ on your modem. That opens all ports. I didnt need to forward ports. For anyone saying they dont speak tech its actually very simple to do. Shouldnt take longer than 15 or 20 minutes.

    I dont have links but all you need to do is 2 quick google searches. First one to "set a static IP on ps4". Then check the name and model of your modem/router and google "setting a dmz on that router.

    I agree its stupid this has to be done. Very frustrating. Good luck
  • So glad I am not the only one suffering from this crud. I spend 130$ on this because the beta went fantastic. I have completely capable internet and hardware and I am still receiving the issue. We are having almost an identicle problem
  • Same issue here boys, perfectly good internet and hardware location central US
  • Your not alone in your suffering, I have perfectly capable internet and hardware and I am still suffering. My location is central US if it helps
  • I definately get this same issue. My computer is brand new area 51 alienware, my internet speed is not the problem as I move between 2 houses on a regular basis and need my computer for work, and all other games run smoothly online, no hiccups and my ping is nice and low. I get an occasionally good game with no lag or frame rate drop, but I notice that when it happens, I occasionally get a sound glitch where there is a buzz through every sound affect and all the music and voices. It's not my internet modems because i play with my buddy and he doesn't get DCed after every match ends like I do. I can stay the entire match, suffering through the occasional 8 second freeze and spasm, and then when it comes to the map cycle change, I get DCed.
  • I'm having the same issue *most* of the time. After repeatedly restoring licenses and rebooting I am able to connect to smaller (sub 20 player) games. However, on average once per day I am able to connect to Walker Assault. However, when I leave that game and try to join another, I get the PSN connectivity issue.

    Most of the time, like I said, I'm experiencing this issue. I believe this is an EA problem because ALL of the other games I play online (COD, MGSV, GTAV, Diablo 3, etc.) work perfectly!

    EAStarWars twitter account has basically stopped replying to me and a few others about this problem. They referred me to technical support/customer service, but I was unable to be transferred to anyone (I tried to do live chat). From the sounds of it, however, it seems like it wouldn't have helped anyway.

    No one here is really talking about location. Could this be a regional/server issue? I'm on the PS4, Battlefront Deluxe Edition, playing from Canada, wired connection.

    Let's hope they figure out a fix soon!

  • I have a bad feeling about this!
  • Same I only get it at night, and I'm having trouble connecting to their severs in game. Just says on the top left corner "Connecting"
  • Tried playing again last night and wasn't much better. I almost managed a full game without any lag before it dropping back to a constant 'Very bad connection'...

    I was playing around with various game modes, it seemed less laggy in 'Droid Run' but what was rather amusing was in 'Hero Hunt', absolutely no lag until I became the hero, whenever I got the hero it would completely freeze up with the 'Very bad connection' message and I'd lose all ability to move.

    Both Walker Assault and Blast were pretty much unplayable constantly.

    Will harass that Twitter!
  • Yeah so the rubberbanding appears to be a huge lag spike every 10 seconds or so. Was looking at my ping while in game....was running at 39-40 ping then would get hit with a 170ms+ spike. The bad ones are 220+. So it would seem I am on a regional server with decent ping (40), but the intermittent lag spike is what makes this game unplayable.....still manage to go positive on kills in a decent match. Fix this please EA.
  • I am also having the same problems. It is frustrating to pay for the ultimate edition, but then to be so lagy.
  • Pretty sucky - I bought this game, excitedly, to play with some other real life friends who also purchased. i CONSTANTLY try to join games and after loading screen I get kicked back to multiplayer game selection screen with the error message saying I lost connection to Playstation Network. What's sad is this seems like a fairly common problem and almost a week after release we don't have a fix. So back to Destiny I go and I likely stay...
  • Two days in a row now, every match, every mode.
  • McTebag wrote: »
    Monty, have you tried the static IP on the ps4. And then a DMZ on your modem. That opens all ports. I didnt need to forward ports. For anyone saying they dont speak tech its actually very simple to do. Shouldnt take longer than 15 or 20 minutes.

    I dont have links but all you need to do is 2 quick google searches. First one to "set a static IP on ps4". Then check the name and model of your modem/router and google "setting a dmz on that router.

    I agree its stupid this has to be done. Very frustrating. Good luck

    I reserved an ip address for my ps4 in my router, and did a manual setup for the connection settings, so I believe this covers the static I.P. I also set up a DMZ for that specific I.P address.

    I ordered a 50ft Ethernet cable to try and plug directly into my modem, so I will see how that works. Thank you for the suggestion.
  • I played some more last night. it was hit and miss. I had one match that was great, and every other match from there on was either terrible with lag, or decent.

    Oh EA!?!? where are you hiding? Been a few days now. Whats up?
  • game started to freeze for like 2-3 sec last night and today i just cant play at all. It keeps freezing and saying bad connection or i just lose connection all together and get kicked out. Never had this at launch and have no problem with any other game eather
  • YES! i have this error msg almost every game i played since day one of SWBF released. My speed to 50 mbps download with 5 mbps upload and ping with 23 ms. I never had this error msg on EA access until after. It is obviously that EA server isn't upgrade to handle many people play game at once.. I always hate EA since they destroyed 007 games and nascar games.. They should know how to stop destroy gamers' fun and enjoy but seem they havent learn any lesson since 2000 to now.. 15 years and all they do is suck green stuff out of our wallets.
  • Yep lots of lag. Its worst when you have to use a card 5 times fast to activate it
  • Same issue here. Things I have tried: port forwarding, enabling IP passthrough for NAT, power-cycling, disabling IPV6, adding exceptions to firewalls, disabling firewalls entirely, and flushing DNS cache. Recently talked with ISP, who performed some 'tests' and said nothing was wrong. Only other option is to buy a new router with UPnP (currently running stock AT&T modem Arrus NVG589).

    This is ridiculous EA!
  • Spent 40 min on the phone with EA to get the refund. Seems I "just" missed the deadline to qualify for the refund. If you want a refund and it has been over 7 days since you activated the game then you are screwed.
  • I have personally run the game on an absurdly high performance PC and a very average PC with the requirements met with literally the fastest internet connection currently available to the public. All ports in question have been forwarded and still I and many others have been experiencing stuttering in game on a daily basis. I hope that one of these many complaints reaches someone of importance. Of course a few bugs are to be expected with any new release even after public testing, but an issue of this caliber is simply unacceptable. This needs to be a priority and I hope for fans and EA alike that it will be. I'll be patiently waiting for this issue to be resolved, until then I guess it's back to fallout 4.
  • Yes as I have reported here since day 1, I have the same problem. I have not been able to play one single game since day 1. Completely unacceptable. I play Black Ops 3 with no problems or lags. EA games are really bad. I will not buy the season pass.
  • For those encountering connection issues, you can help EA troubleshoot by providing the following information:

    1) Your geographical location.
    2) Your ISP.
    3) Your platform (i.e. PC, PS4, XB1).
    4) The date, time and duration that you experienced the connectivity problem.
    5) Your platform persona name (you don't have to reveal this if you're worried about privacy, but it helps).
    6) What you were doing when it occurred (e.g. matchmaking, which mode, which map, etc.)

    Thank you for your assistance!
  • silvershadow558
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    1. California
    2. AT&T
    3. PC
    4. About 20 minutes after every launch of executable.
    5. I don't know
    6. Playing Walker Assault, Supremacy, Flight Squadron, Blast

    4. (edit) Happens half the time right when I start the game and enter my first match... duration happens the rest of the game and tends to sometimes activate a sound glitch where everything sounds buzzy and blown out. The screen freezes from 3 - 6 seconds and happens around 7 times a match.
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