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Unplayable game due lag



  • Janas
    47 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    Oh, get this in every single multiplayer match I've ever joined. And yes, my actual internet connection is perfectly adequate.

    I'm on PSN, Rolande_D. North Carolina, Time Warber Cable. :)
  • Had the same problem with the beta but put it down to pee release issues.
    No matter what I do, I cannot connect to online. I've checked my origin profile link, gave ps4 a static IP and used the EA recommended port forwarding suggestions and still got nothing. Tested my profile on my friends console and Internet and it worked fine, he tried his profile on my console and internet connection and had the same problem. The same message always appears "you are offline". I rang EA where the person on the phone after much trial and error tried to tell me it was the actually physical disk that was the issue, despite my unwillingness to recognise this as a potential fault I tested it on another ps4 at a friends house and it works fine. PLEASE HELP.
  • fix the rubber banding

    its not my internet

    fiber optic connection

    ping 11 ms

    download speed 74.26Mbps

    upload speed 18.60Mbps while the game is running

    this is somthing on your end not mine i payed £54.99 for this game and your service is beyond a joke fix this
  • 1) U.S., Texas
    2) Your Suddenlink
    3) PC
    4) Since day one of release
    5) Jesterhead85
    6) Playing...
  • Playing on the PC and can't play online. Try to connect and just keep getting error says servers not available. What gives?
  • Every time I try to load a multiplayer match, I get an error telling me that I've lost my connection to the Playstation Network. That definitely isn't right, because I can get on to the PSN store and other features, I can play other games like Destiny online with no problem, and it even connects to Battlefront well enough that the game can find a game for me and connect to the lobby. But when I actually try to load up the match, it kicks me out.

    It's pretty frustrating. I paid full price for your game, EA, and I'd really like to actually play it.
  • RubberBandEA
    1 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    Same problem - 40up 40down through fiber, game is unplayable, I have been requesting refund for days with no reply from EA.

    Their 'chat' server from game expert simply does not work, a ploy to wear you out so you give up.

    Time for a class action against these clowns! What a sad representation of StarWars..
  • Platform: PC

    Issue: The initial loading screens play at perfect frame rate. Once in the menu the screen seems to be at 5 fps with rubber banding lag. This only happens when connected to Origin and attempting to connect to the battlefront servers. If I place origin in offline mode everything runs fine but I can only do the single player missions.

    This happens every time without fail. If I am in "offline mode" and then start the game, everything runs just fine.

    Region: North America

    ISP: Time Warner Highspeed, connected to an engenius ecb-300 wireless access point

    18.4 mb down, 11.4 up


    I just bought an ASUS G751JY-DB72 - it should be able to run this game no problem. I also updated all the necessary drivers from NVidia.

    Screen Size 17.3 inches
    Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
    Max Screen Resolution 1920*1080 pixels
    Processor 2.6 GHz Core i7-4720HQ
    Hard Drive 1024 GB
    Graphics Coprocessor NVIDIA GTX980M 4G GDDR5
    Wireless Type 802.11 A/C
    Number of USB 3.0 Ports 4
  • Last night the game was unplayable due to "poor connection" issues! Out of six friends I'm the only person getting these problems with "poor" connections and my broadband package is better than all of theirs! Testing other online games and ping rate, this problem is only happening with Star Wars Battlefront, so I can only assume that yes, certain users are being penalised!

    Something stinks here and it's not my broadband!
  • On PC I could not get the rubberbanding to stop. My PC is way over the recommended specs, super fast connection, etc etc. On a hunch, I decided to try the game on my PS4. No rubberbanding at all. Multiple game types, plays as well as the beta did. I dont know what is going on with the game, but I returned my PC version for refund. Its just unacceptable.
  • Unfortunately I missed out on the refund window, Its my fault. I should have been more attentive. It is truly burning me up that EA ate my cash for this POS lag fest. I only hope at some point they implement server browser.
  • 21_Grahams wrote: »
    For those encountering connection issues, you can help EA troubleshoot by providing the following information!

    1) France.
    2) Orange.
    3) PC Origin.
    4) Every game every day whenever I play, no one time when I dont get the message.
    6) Walker Attack or any other game type for that matter, always at the start of the game,
    then during the game.
  • Platform: PC
    Issue: The game stutters even at low settings when LAN is connected
    Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes
    Details on how to reproduce the issue: While playing, if the LAN is connected, there is constant stuttering, even in menus. When i disconnect the LAN cable everything turns OK.
    Region: EU
    Internet Service Provider (ISP): Vodafone
    Connection Speed: Ping 24ms, DL 27.78Mbps, UL 3.01Mbps
    Processor (CPU): Intel i7 4771
    Graphics Card (GPU): Evga GeForce GTX 760 SC ACX
    Memory: 16GB
    Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 7

    If the ethernet is connected, even if I do single player missions or training, the game stutters heavily. With GPU-Z I have noticed the video card goes under 70% load, if I pull off the lan cord, the GPU goes up, even around 99% if there's a necessity, and the game goes perfectly well. The framerate, as seen with nVidia ShadowPlay, is constant 40-50 fps, even when there is stuttering.

    I've tried changing graphic drivers, lan drivers, installed a USB to Ethernet switch, a pci-e Ethernet card, even went back from Windows 10 to Windows 7 SP1, but there's no difference.

    The stuttering is present both with 1080p Ultra settings and 720p Low, I tested it.

    My configuration:
    Intel i7 4771
    Asrock H87 fatal1ty performance (with intel i217-v ethernet controller)
    16GB Corsair Vengeance
    Evga GeForce GTX 760 SC ACX

    I have the OS on a SanDisk SSD, and the game on a WD Black.

    Thank you for your consideration.
  • same on the xbox i have high speed fiber optic internet and i get hit with rubberbanding i payed £54.99 from the xbox market place and im not happy with the lack of servers by ea
  • I have a pretty much similar issue! Not lagging as bad as you, but as soon as I unplug the LAN cable, everything runs smoothly. Let's hope at least one of us gets an answer, maybe it can solve both our problems.
  • I have a pretty much similar issue! Not lagging as bad as you, but as soon as I unplug the LAN cable, everything runs smoothly. Let's hope at least one of us gets an answer, maybe it can solve both our problems.
  • 21_Grahams wrote: »
    For those encountering connection issues, you can help EA troubleshoot by providing the following information:

    1) Bedfordshire, UK

    2) Sky (I've opened all suggested ports, added exceptions to firewall etc)

    3) PC

    4) Since release on the 19th Nov. The lag tends to kick in after 10 minutes of play and then progressively gets worse.

    5) Madman32x

    6) Out of the game modes I've played (Blast, Droid Run, Drop Zone, Hero Hunt, Walker Assault) all lag. Less so in Droid Run and a lot of lag in Walker Assault and Hero Hunt. Does not seem to matter which map I'm playing.
  • Yeah ... EA and big money makers here need to get on this. It's pretty brutal to charge $80 for a game (i live in Canada) and then not be able to play the damn thing because "You have lost connection to the playstation network" -- which by the way, is total ***** - The playstation network is fine ... It's just the game servers that aren't able to handle the load of players.


    With a high end title like this, it's pretty ridiculous that it makes it to launch with a bug that STOPS YOU FROM PLAYING ... What good is buying a game when you can't PLAY IT?!

    The very least they could do is at least acknowledge the problem here ... But they're too busy counting money to do that ..
  • 1) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    2) Maxis

    3) PC

    4) Everytime i get into a match

    *There will be a notification at random times during the match*:
    -3/4 bar (wifi signal icon) - very frequently
    -slow connection to the server (yellow notification) - very frequently
    -very bad connection to the server (red notification) - rarely

    The duration is for a few seconds (yellow notification), minutes (red notification) and throughout the game
    (wifi signal icon)

    5) ?

    6) Game modes with less players (eg. Heroes VS Villians) have less connectivity issues however with more players (eg. Walker Assault) there will be major connectivity issues

  • Holy crap, EA. Rubberbanding and lag like crazy. I want to love this game, but it's UNPLAYABLE with the server issues on your end. FIX THIS.

    There are many of us experiencing this problem. In case you aren't getting the message - THIS PROBLEM PREVENTS US FROM PLAYING THE GAME WE SPENT $80 ON.

    This should be fixed immediately. At the very least there should be SOME ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE PROBLEM.

    ***** FIX IT.
  • Xbox One
    Game Freezing: Has occurred in fighter squadron mode when flying near edge of map. Game froze while in bounds, another time the ship froze and flew straight out of bounds self destructing, controls went dead and couldn't turn at all.

    Achievements: Not tracking accurately and sometimes not popping. Got to rank 25 achievement didn't pop and still shows 92%. Killed at least 5 human enemies in fighter squadron yet achievement for 10 kills only shows 20% instead of 50%. It either reset or has miscounted.

    Map traps: Numerous areas where players get stuck in maps.

    Rampant Lag/Hit detection issues: If you can't even out the ping advantage and rubber banding then provide a SERVER BROWSER with a PING INDICATOR so players can CHOOSE who they're playing against.
  • Fairly disappointed in the server issues since this has been a problem with PC users in other games for so long and yet every game that is online that isn't free to play and some that are somehow have this issue, but yeah first day I played it was late at night and fine but now I can barely play the game without rubber-banding everywhere. Sometimes I will even be standing still and then all of a sudden I am standing out in the open or I will have to run somewhere 7 times to get it to actually stay in that spot. Battlefront is the only game I have any lag issues with even though I made sure to open up all specified ports. It's a fun game just wish I could fully enjoy it you know.
  • If you are on windows 10 try disabling position in the notification pannel on the right. It worked for me!
  • Platform: PC
    Issue: Lag and unplayability for 80% of the time
    Can you reproduce this issue No
    Details on how to reproduce the issue: Cannot log on or game lags to impossibility

    If you're having connectivity problems or issues in regards to lag etc. please provide the following:

    Region: EU
    Internet Service Provider (ISP): NOS
    Connection Speed: 123Mbps Download, 8.43Mbps Upload

    Screenshots or Private video links:

    If you’re platform is PC, please post the following details. (Not sure your system specs? Go to Start-> Search-> type ‘Dxdiag’ -> Hit enter)

    Processor (CPU): Intel i7 920 @ 3.2GHz
    Graphics Card (GPU): Nvidia EVGA 670 FTW
    Memory: 12GB
    Operating System: Windows 8.1

  • Thank goodness. It seems I'm not alone. For days I've been trying to get a decent game and constant,y resetting my router and shouting at the family for using their iPads and xbox's. Total torture!!!

    Your geographical location.
    2) Your ISP. - BT infinity 80mbs
    3) Your platform (i.e. PC, PS4, XB1). Xbox One
    4) The date, time and duration that you experienced the connectivity problem. Almost always - normally one or two games then starts to lag really badly
    5) Your platform persona name (you don't have to reveal this if you're worried about privacy, but it helps). sci kik
    6) What you were doing when it occurred (e.g. matchmaking, which mode, which map, etc.). In game, freeing lagging to point where I had to quit.

    I also ran a multiplayer test on Xbox and it said everything was good.

    Please help!
  • The beta was fine, although I played at another place. The full game has lots of lag and the Connection breaks down very often. I can't stay in one Party without it crashing after a few minutes. I can't even Access the Internet (both on ps4 and PC) for a while afterwards. Bf4 and that Rocket-Car game run fine...
  • Platform: PS4
    Issue: Lag and unplayability for 80% of the time; Sometimes I just lose the Connection and my PS4 starts getting connectivity issues. When I try to use the Internet on other devices at the same time (e.g. PC), it doesn't work either until a Minute or so has passed. Other games (Battlefield 4 and Rocket League) work without a Problem.

    Can you reproduce this issue No

    Details on how to reproduce the issue: Cannot log on or game lags to impossibility

    If you're having connectivity problems or issues in regards to lag etc. please provide the following:

    Region: EU, Germany
    Internet Service Provider (ISP): Unitymedia
    Connection Speed: 50 Mbps Download, 2 Mbps Upload

    HELP PLEASE! I did not pay 60 € for this crap!

  • Murf_7290
    15 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    1) Houston, TX
    2) Suddenlink 200/20
    3) PC
    4) Since release. Every day/evening
    4) Murf_7290
    5) Usually happens at start of game, then start of MP menu then once joining game. Keep seeing Bad connection to server. It will clear for a little while then lag again. Any MP mode gets the same results.
  • 1) EU (Germany
    2) Unitymedia
    3) PS4
    4) Since Release. It happens at any time of day I'd say. Today it was ok from 8pm-9pm, then got really bad.
    5) Tobias Muller (or matzebacke, I forgot).
    6) Every mode is bad. It lags and sometimes I lose the Connection entirely. Then, my ps4 starts getting connectivity issues and I can't even Access the Internet with other devices (e.g. PC, Smartphone) for a Minute or so! Other games on PS4 (BF 4 & Rocket League) run just fine.

    Please do sth. about that! I don't want to deal with These stupid IT Problems after work!!
  • Reporting Template:
    Platform: PC
    Issue: Cannot Play Game 90% Of The Time
    Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: No
    Details on how to reproduce the issue: Cannot play the game as continuously get the "You have lost connection to EA servers. Online features will be unavailable"
    Or when I get into the pre game menu and keep seing the message - in yellow - on the right top corner (below rank) "Bad connection to the server. This will affect your gameplay"
    This is very puzzling as I played on the Beta version with no issues and regularly play Battlefield 4 with no problem at all.
    Internet connection is seemingly ok too.
    Had no problems before! :/

    If you're having connectivity problems or issues in regards to lag etc. please provide the following:

    Region: EU
    Internet Service Provider (ISP): NOS Comunicacoes, SA
    Connection Speed: 123Mbps Upload & 8.20Mbps Download speeds.

    Screenshots or Private video links:

    If you’re platform is PC, please post the following details.

    Processor (CPU): Intel i7 920 @ 3.20 Ghz
    Graphics Card (GPU): Nvidia EVGA 670 FTW
    Memory: 12GB
    Operating System: Windows 8.1

    Please help!!

  • I was able to get it working by setting up a static IP for my PS4 and enabling DMZ on my router.
    That being said, I shouldn't have to do that to get the game to work.
  • Yup, crazy rubberbanding on Xbox live. wasn't like this on the first two days. Now lag all the time. Funny thing is my NAT settings were set to moderate on the first days and ask had no issues. Now with an open NAT i still have lag issues, fix this crap!
  • AgentofChaos
    0 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    In multiplayer mode, I continue to experience a strange bug that causes me to jolt backwards or zip from side to side. As if I were bumping into other players or in a glitchy area, I keep getting bumped around in casual areas. This occurs only in multiplayer and worsens when I actually AM bumping into someone. For some reason, playing as Vader seems to make it worse. This makes aiming and moving quite frustrating, because my speed, accuracy, and focus have been interfered with.

    I actually played the game for several days without having this issue, but then what I've discovered is called "rubber-banding" randomly occurred and hasn't stopped since. It does sort of come and go; In some matches it will be a lot worse than others. I've tried changing from fullscreen to windowed, but nothing has been fixed. Tried different maps and different heroes, but it seems to be consistent in occurring during multiplayer modes. Any help or tips would be appreciated. Hope I can troubleshoot this; if I can't, then I hope it gets fixed. It's quite annoying to jolt backwards like a spastic lunatic!

    Intel Core i7 processor
    CPU @ 2.50 GHz
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M
    Current driver version is 358.50
    RAM is 8 gigs (I don't think this is the issue, because the only issue I'm having is the "rubber-banding," whereas I am performing fine in the rest of the game)
  • Yeah, not technically a bug, but it's making the game almost unplayable. Seriously considering demanding a refund. Pricks.
  • Tons of lag for me. I'd say 80% of the time it is unplayable for me. I have fiber Internet and it is definitely not on my end.
  • Yeah, I don't have a bad connection, but it says that I do. Everything else I play works great, but playing this at times, is literally unplayable.
  • First 2 or 3 days the game played fine, then yesterday I got a complete constant lag, I got 40 minutes of normal play in today but then it went back to the same thing. The only thing that lags on the screen is my player. And if I try to use a card or jump or squat I have to wait for that command to be completed b4 pressing any other button or it gets canceled. On 3rd person it's manageable, I'm just slow as ***** cuz he moves back a step for every two steps forward. But on first person it's completely unplayable. My connection is fine with everything else, my xbox says the connection is great, but I keep getting that same warning in the top right corner. This would a great game if it weren't for this lag, but with the lag its straight ***** garbage. Plz fix, for ***** sake
  • Avarice85 wrote: »
    I've pinged a few people on Reddit, but is anyone else having this problem? All throughout my gameplay, i keep getting a sporatic notification at the top-right of my screen about Bad Connections affecting gameplay.

    I've forwarded ports. allowed exceptions through firewalls. I've, literally, spent all day talking with my ISP trying to get this fixed. But nothing works.

    Is this an EA thing? Are many other people having issues?

    90% of the time I cannot play the game. :(
    Even if I get in game the lag is unbearable! :/
  • I was having trouble starting co-op matches in the training portions of the game and this seriously worked for me: turn off the system completely, unplug it, wait a minute or two, plug it back in, then try to get an online game started. I have no issues with connectivity now. No joke. Good luck!
  • Bump for a FIX
  • Fled
    10 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    1) UK
    2) Sky (Broadband, works flawlessly with all other games including SWTOR)
    3) PC
    4) Since EU launch (19th), I've had really bad lag, and HUGE lag spikes causing rubberbanding.
    5) HAMcutter
    6) Playing either Walker Assault or Supremacy. Happens on all maps. Tried all Origin tips like flushing IP and all that, also tried using Google DNS, no go.

    *NOTE* BTW - Beta played absolutely flawlessly.
  • I posted this in another thread, seems a similar issue to what you might be suffering?

    I am on fibre connection in Australia 25MBit down/5Mbit up. I only ever get put into servers where my ping is 150 which is unplayable. My mate on ADSL joins me on same server and his ping is 400 so clearly thus server is overseas.
    If he finds a server, he generally finds a local server. I join off him and my ping is 20.
    So why do I end up on overseas servers? Am I being penalised because this match making system things that anything less than 200 is acceptable?
    This system needs to be addressed. ASAP. I want to recommend this game to my mates but I can let the waste their money.
  • keep reporting, guys. Follow the template posted. Refer other people to do the same.
    Once again EA has not learned, these games need REGION locks!
    the f***ing game is so laggy it's become unplayable .
    you can have the best connection in the world but if one ***** on the other side of the world connects, to the server then the entire game goes to crap.

    there is nothing to report all of my other networked games play fine but this game with it's lame quick join sticks me on some crappy game server far away.
    "With the Force, he has joined. Grieve, I will not"
  • I just installed this game today on the PS4 and at first the game was playing smooth I would notice a little lag every once in a while but it wasn't to bad. It is now 11:28 pm pacific time and the last 6 games I played all had lag so bad that the game was basically unplayable. It kept giving me the bad connection warning. I played destiny right before I played battlefront and had no connection problems at all. I am now on my PC right after getting off battlefront and have no connection issues on here as well. The bad connection is only on battlefront. When I played the beta on PC I had no lag issues at all. I should have gotten this for the PC but everyone I know thats playing battlefront is playing it on the PS4. If this problem persists I am going to sell my copy. I'm just glad I didn't pay for the season pass yet.
  • kvikindi
    1 posts Member
    edited November 2015
    Portraits are not a big issue but along with this problem i'm disconnecting from EA servers constantly, every game I get lag spikes and disconnect. and i've tried all the tricks on the internet that try to solve this issue. game is almost unplayable. uK5VSwt.png
  • Also note that all other games work fine and have no issues
  • Every time I play this game, when I'm playing a match, suddenly this message appears and I can't continue playing. I couldn't even end a match and on the Beta I had 0 problems.
    Help pls
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