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So About Kylo Ren...


At the end of the Force Awakens Kylo Ren is left in the middle of the forests of the surface of Starkiller Base. he's badly injured, but we do know he is rescued by General Hux.

But my main question is, do you think Kylo Ren will have a new mask in Episode VIII?

As far as we know his old mask went down with Starkiller base. Not to mention, Rey cut off something of his. Was it his hand, his lightsaber? what was it?
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  • Ezio
    974 posts Member
    Looked like she cut off the top of his lightsaber, so he may have a new mask and lightsaber next time.
  • What really stumps me about that ending scene is that Rey and Finn barely have enough time to jump on the Falcon and blast off Starkiller Base before it explodes (death-star style)....How did General Hux find Kylo Ren in time AND get on a ship fast enough to avoid the explosion?

    Think about it:
    1. Kylo Ren goes rogue and chases after Rey and Finn in an uncharted neck of the woods.
    2. He is severely beaten by Rey and can barely move his limbs. How does he "call" General Hux to pick him up if he can barely hold a communicator?
    3. The splitting of the Earth near where Kylo Ren is sitting splat, having been mutilated by Rey, would make it difficult for General Hux to land his ship and pickup Kylo Ren.
    4. PLUS, if Kylo Ren is so badly you expect me to believe that General Hux had the strength to carry him like a baby to the ship? #GeneralHunk

    Overall, this final scene seems just as improbable as the fact that Kylo Ren physically gets in front of Rey and Finn before they get to that part of the woods. Like how does he race over and beat them there? Especially with a chest wound from Chewie?
  • Ezio
    974 posts Member
    It's a side wound, and actually, Kylo Ren wasn't actually hurt that bad. The side wound was a problem, yes, (which was what made him so easily beaten by beginners), but all Rey really did to him was wreck his lightsaber and scar his face, Kylo could have definitely walked on his own. Also, there was clearly time not shown, as one second Chewie was flying the Falcon near a cliff and then next he was landed in a clearing and carrying Finn on board. It's not too improbable that if Chewie had time for this, then Hux would've had time to do the same. And Kylo's suit or equipment may have had a locator on it, making it even easier for Hux to get there in time.
  • Anyone else think he is about as scary as a puppy dog? "Hello, Bart."
    "Hello, Bart."
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