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There needs to be some serious balance changes and these are my complaints so far.

1. Rebel spaceships are better than the Imperials, they have shields while Imperials have useless boosts.
2. The "Impact grenade" is now useless, by the time you've threw it at somebody you're dead as it only deals 90 damage.
3. The "Barrage" delay is way too much at 2.5 seconds, everyone gets out of the way too easily.
4. "Ion shot" is merely useless as it only adds a small amount of damage to your weapon.
5. "Homing Shot" is by far too powerful, I struggle avoiding it even with a Jetpack.
6. " Smoke grenade" is almost see-through, it needs to be thicker smoke.
7. The "Cycler Rifle" is too weak compared to the pulse cannon, the bullets drop and it deals lower damage, I think around 75 but I'm not too sure.
8. The "Bounty Hunter" trait is seriously OP especially combined with the Bowcaster and Jetpack, I got a 55 kill streak on Drop Zone today with it. it resets all cooldowns on kills and gives you a chance to get a powerup.
9. "Sharpshooter" trait is useless in many ways, it needs a serious buff
10. The "Dl44" is too powerful on a infantry unit, I get massive kill streaks with it ranging from 5-20 sometimes. it's more of a shotgun than the actual shotgun in the game.


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