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Star Wars TFA Logic...

(This was originally a reply to another post but I believe there is sufficient detail here to warrant a separate post.)

What really stumps me about that ending scene is that Rey and Finn barely have enough time to jump on the Falcon and blast off Starkiller Base before it explodes (death-star style)....How did General Hux find Kylo Ren in time AND get on a ship fast enough to avoid the explosion?

Think about it:
1. Kylo Ren goes rogue and chases after Rey and Finn in an uncharted neck of the woods.
2. He is severely beaten by Rey and can barely move his limbs. How does he "call" General Hux to pick him up if he can barely hold a communicator?
3. The splitting of the Earth near where Kylo Ren is sitting splat, having been mutilated by Rey, would make it difficult for General Hux to land his ship and pickup Kylo Ren.
4. PLUS, if Kylo Ren is so badly you expect me to believe that General Hux had the strength to carry him like a baby to the ship? #GeneralHunk

Overall, this final scene seems just as improbable as the fact that Kylo Ren physically gets in front of Rey and Finn before they get to that part of the woods. Like how does he race over and beat them there? Especially with a chest wound from Chewie?

See this comic about the hilarious absurdity of TFA's ending (and other points of hilarity):


  • Kj-ZoSo
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    edited January 2016
    There are many flaws and inconsistencies in Disney's first spin off, like a talking, hallucination inducing lightsaber that was lost decades ago and has no relevance to anything whatsoever. Depressed droid waking up after years for no reason, because the script writer wanted to make up for the audience just losing a loved character with the reappearance of another. Or Hyperspacing through solid matter like hanger doors; Old Ben needn't have worried shutting down that tractor beam when all they had to do was instantaneously enter hyperspace out of the Death Star hanger, without getting clear or waiting for precise calculations so they don't collide with anything, just hyperspace through stuff. Problem solved. The Jedi and Sith Lords needn't have bothered with training for over 4,000 years when all they had to do was close their eyes for a few seconds like Rey, and immediately become a bada$$, and get more powerful every time they do that.

    In trying to get back to where it all started to please gullible prequel hatters, they ripped-off where it all started and completely missed that point at the same time.

    "So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause." - Padmé
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