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November Community Calendar
Triple XP Event

[BF II - PC] [TAW] The Art of Warfare - Enlist Today!



  • Looking for a fantastic, fun and organized group of folks to dominate the starwars galaxy with? I thought so! Stop by TAW.NET or add me on origin TAW-Fr3Quency!
  • The trailer for episode 9 is finally coming! Extremely excited to see what JJ delivers, in particular with Palpatine.
    As always, you're welcome to join our friendly community at May the force be with you!
  • New update is here come and play with us and have fun! Join us on or add me on origin TAW-Fr3Quency!
  • Battlefront is always more fun if you play in a squad, come join us for a few games and consider joining us at as well! Add me on origin TAW-DDReturns.
  • Join us at Today!
  • Want some friendly people to play with and have fun? Join us at!
  • TAWDDReturns
    16 posts Member
    edited November 14
    Hey you! Yes you trooper! What are you still doing here? Go to and join us!
    We're a small community that came together over the love for Star Wars, stayed together and it's like a family now. Give it a shot, you never know.. you might just like it here.
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