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[BF II - PC] [TAW] The Art of Warfare - Enlist Today!



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  • The Best Clan Experience around!


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  • Peace though force...


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  • p3bubba
    55 posts Member
    If you're looking for team mates and want to have fun and learn some tactics, give TAW a try. Just go to and sign up. You've got nothing to lose and we're a fun bunch.
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    Not just another 'clan'; a group of folks who play together, learn together, and development communities together. Visit today to learn more!
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    Not faceless, not snobby, not into bad times -- visit today and Enlist now!
  • I joined 3 months ago after Looking for a clan on this forum.

    We are a nice relaxed group who gather and have fun on this game, egos left at the door and absolutely no drama.

    My win ratio has definitely jumped up now that i am running with group of decent guys with voice coms.

    I would heartily recommend that anyone wanting to improve their enjoyment of this game give us a shot.
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    The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a global gaming community that has separate Battlefront teams for AUS/NZ, EU & NA regions. TAW formed in 2001 and currently fields 30+ games like War Thunder, Battlefield 4, League of Legends, and even Hearthstone. Today, over 2500 casual, competitive, and professional gamers call TAW their home.

    Our Battlefront team focuses on:
    • Smaller hardcore competitive matches and scrimmages.
    • Casual social community play
    • Developing communications and team skills
    • Having a good time with players that enjoy gaming as much as you

    We're looking for players that simply want to play, or lead teams without being concerned with running a website, a voice server, or other administrative tasks. We especially want those who want to be an integral part of our success.

    Interested? Join now by clicking here.

    To be a member you need to:
    • Be a PC player
    • Be mature and accountable
    • Have a working microphone or headset.
    • Have TeamSpeak
    • Commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week of team-play.

    Still not sure? Join us on Teamspeak, just message myself and I can PM you the login details.

    Our focus on accountability, teamwork, and communication is key to our past and current success. We are a diverse team that treats all players with respect and we expect all members to uphold these same standards.

    Please visit our main website to learn more.

    For our direct application link visit

  • We are always looking for committed members to join the Star Wars Battlefront Battalion as our community continues to grow! We are excited to have new members join and fill needed roles, including staff and officer positions. If you are looking for a solid, enduring and respectable community, I encourage you to fill out an application today.

    We are currently hosting an in-community event pitting Rebel against Imperial in Galactic Conquest. We also have in-community tournaments scheduled regularly outside of our normal weekly events. So if the game has dried up for you, look no further than TAW to keep the action going!

    See Replicant's post above for Application details.
  • Yo, my experience with TAW is awesome, I would recommend anyone looking for a Clan to join us, we got TeamSpeak, and our own version of Galactic Conquest! Everyone is very friendly, its a chill zone where everyone is open minded and stuff, so yeah join us Today!
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    Survey's in -- and members agree, there is no better place to meet comrades, improve your skill, and have a blast working as a team!

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    Visit [url="http://www"][/url] to learn who we are, where we're from, and where we're going! Enlist today!
  • uhm
    I'm in Asia (GMT +7)
    playing on US East server
    Level 70
    K/D 3.43

    I think I don't meet the clan regions? :open_mouth:
    feel free to add me
  • uhm
    I'm in Asia (GMT +7)
    playing on US East server
    Level 70
    K/D 3.43

    I think I don't meet the clan regions? :open_mouth:
    feel free to add me

    Hi Citruslemon29!

    While we don't have an 'Asia' specific team, we do have an EU group that meets on Sundays, 3PM ET. Feel free to go ahead with an application!

    Thanks for taking the time to read the thread and inquire with us!

  • Are you looking for a group that likes to have fun and play SWBF? Would you like to learn some new tricks and strategy? How about knocking out some of those dioramas that you haven't quite finished? Or maybe a Hutt contract? Are you frustrated at not having coordination on your team during a match? If you answered yes, you should give a shot. Best thing I have done. It has made this game so much more enjoyable and I have made some really good friends located all over the world. Give it a try.

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    Visit today to learn more! Don't go it alone!
  • I have been in TAW for 5 different games by now. There is no other clan that will satisfy your clan needs after you've been in TAW. The people are great, the games are awesome.

    Team play is where TAW excels. In the training sessions you'll be using tactics to overcome the opponent instead of brute force, which becomes obsolete if the other team also communicates. The de-briefing afterwards is great to get to know your weaknesses and improve your play.
  • Hello all I am a Field Specialist at TAW and I can happily say that even when your feeling low on fun in SWBF we strive at continously making the game more fun to play and unite more teams to play together. We are wrapping up our own campaign at this time which was based off of galactic conquest from previous titles and are excited to have new members for the new and improved one coming soon. So get in on the action and check out to apply and together we can save the galaxy... or conquer it.
  • lexmedic157
    35 posts Member
    edited August 2016
    Enlist Now!

    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • This is the best group of guys. We have the most fun on group nights.
    There has been a great larger than life game going on that uses battles to expand the larger game. Winning one game is only one part of the bigger picture.
  • The enlistment "propaganda pamplets" are classic. Love them.

    Don't go it alone in battle front. Not to mention it's fun to chat while you play. Think about how many times a faithful teammate could have helped you out on walker assault. Instead you were shot in the back and your random generated public partner is somewhere in the back of the map lost shooting at trees or rocks.

    Instead you could be collaborating on a killer strategy and wipe out the entire left side of the map WITH YOUR FISTS hahaha. But seriously it's fun but use your gun.
  • lexmedic157
    35 posts Member
    edited August 2016
    Tired of playing alone? Join TAW Today!

    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
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    Visit to learn more! Enlist today!
  • Don't play alone. Join TAW Today!

    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • Don't be a regular stormtrooper, join TAW today!

    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • Come join us at TAW!

    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • We're looking to add several new members as Death Star rolls out, apply now and be ready to play the new DLC with TAW!
  • Don't let the rebel scum on the Death Star. Enlist today!
    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • Death Star DLC is coming so why not enjoy it to the maximum extent and join TAW?

  • Do you feel like this after a few matches in SWBF because no one is playing the objective or working as a team?


    Then hop on over to and give it a shot.
  • New DLC, join TAW today

    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • Prove your worth to the empire, join TAW today.
    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • Join TAW and enjoy the Death Star DLC and the upcoming Rogue One DLC.
  • Tired of playing alone? Join TAW today, and be a part of something great!

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  • Stay on target, join TAW today.

    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • TAWTeTraveler
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    The Best Place to play if you want an organized group to play with!
  • Don't play alone, join TAW today!

    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
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