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[BF II - PC] [TAW] The Art of Warfare - Enlist Today!



  • Good times, playing a good game, with good people. If you're thinking about joining a community that is active, and enthusiastic, consider joining TAW.
    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • It's all in being casual and fun. What more could you want? Join TAW today?

  • Join TAW today and be part of a fun gaming community!

  • Don't keep Vader waiting, join TAW today!

  • Join us my friends! You won't regret it.
  • Come join us, if you're looking for a structured gaming environment, with a good bunch of people, TAW might be just that place. No experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome.
    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • You know you want to join, stop delaying the inevitable ;)

  • Became a member over 5 years ago and to this day playing games with the awesome people here. Everybody is friendly and helpfull, mutual respect is a given. Bad or Pro, it doesn't matter, we are all just looking for friends to play with.

    Join us at
  • Join us! We've got a community of several thousand across a variety of games with 60 and counting in the SWBF II division alone.
  • What are you waiting for?

  • Yes, YOU! Join us at TAW!

  • zOQVVps.jpg

    Join TAW today if you want to be involved in an active community full of friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic players!
  • Zahariel
    9 posts Member
    edited December 2017

    Only been in the community for 2 months but it is hands down the friendliest and most welcoming clan I've ever played with, join us at
  • Bump come have fun with us
  • With the new content coming so soon there has never been a better chance to party up and join a large community to play the new content with!!! Join up at today!!!!!
  • There is no experience better than playing your favorite games with great people! Join TAW today!
  • Alas
    36 posts Member
    edited December 2017
    Join us today at!
  • Alas
    36 posts Member
    Why fight alone? Complete the Faction and Weekly challenges with friends!

  • TLJ Expansion comes out Tommorow, Feel free to join us at :D
  • Zahariel
    9 posts Member
    edited December 2017

    TLJ is out but whether you've seen it or not, playing on the new maps is better with teammates so come join us at
  • Hey! Anyone looking for a good community to play SWBF2 with? Consider TAW, we have all skill ranges, and some great people. There's no reason to play the game alone, go over to the website and take a look.
    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • Come join us and play the NEW TLJ expansion :D
  • new to battlefront? want some people to play with, have fun with and learn stuff from? look no further, join TAW today!
  • looking for people to play with? Look no further, join TAW today
  • Is mic compulsory?
  • ar9ab wrote: »
    Is mic compulsory?

    yes a mic is compulsory. we like to have good communications going and it is easier with a headset :). if you have any other questions feel free to ask
  • aHb6Miz.png

    Why play alone - Season 1 is coming to an end and season 2 will be starting "Soon" so why not join a friendly clan and get your game on!
  • Join TAW today!

  • k0rm3qlbj6o8.jpg

  • Join TAW today for a fun active community to play with :)
  • Looking for a great atmosphere to join cooperative play. Look no further! Join TAW today!
  • Still Recruiting! Join for Family, Comradeship, and lots of fun and unique clan events that take SWBF2 to a whole new level of involvement and fullfillment!
  • New updates just around the corner, feel free to join us
  • Looking for some great people to play with? look no further. Join TAW today
  • Tired of not having someone with you playing objectives? Poor communications? Want to just learn how to play different classes better? If so, the SWBF II TAW Division might just be for you.

    Our focus is on having fun and enjoying SWBF II to its fullest extent.

    Also, once Private Match is added, we already have a full Galactic Conquest ready to launch.

    Check it out at
  • Knurr
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    edited February 2018
    Looking for an active community to play Battlefront II with on PC?
    Our Battlefront II division holds 40 active members and we host multiple weekly events!

    Join in on the fun! Apply here!

    Great People, Great Times. Come and check us out.

    Premier Gaming community 40+ members in SWBF 2

    2500+ members in the community
  • Klonept
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    edited February 2018
    Tired of playing solo?

    Join this great community at and you will have a good time while playing this awesome game!
  • I joined TAW when Battlefront 2015 was on it's last leg. I would have stopped playing it all together if it wasn't for TAW. I'm extremely glad I joined. Battlefront 2 is a great game, made even better when playing with TAW.

    If you want to join a great gaming community, check out !
  • Join us at Apply through the site and we WILL CONTACT YOU.

    We are a great Community of Honorable players. For Example, 3 days ago we did a Strike, 8 TAW vs 2 pugs - we only did melee in the name of fair fun for the other two. This happens all the time :) Join the most noble of clans!
  • Replicant
    91 posts Member
    edited March 2018
    Do you want to play with folks who are casual...and fun...with an edge of competitiveness? Visit today and learn how YOU can be more powerful than you can possibly imagine!

    New Internal Tournament Launching! Card Commander! Stop in to learn more!

  • Looking for a great group of people to enjoy a great game with? Look no further! Join TAW Today. TAW.NET
  • Alas
    36 posts Member
    Join us today, and be part of an awesome community


  • DigitalWind
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    edited March 2018
    Join us for frequent like All Melee Officer party/Rock Paper Scissors and other frequent Shenanigans. Add a new level of Depth to your Gaming! Join us at, apply, and we WILL contact you in a day or so. B)

  • Great group of people to play with! always coming up with little side games and tournaments to keep things interesting, also we have a Canadian Zebra!! whats not to like!!
  • 5Dk8DNL.jpg

    Battlefront may not have had a recent update but we've always got something going on! Sign up today at to see how you can join in the fun.
  • 64da3807ab92b36d1af12c5733c8ae9b.jpg

    You don't have to be lucky when you're playing with a team, why not join ours at
  • Where to begin?! If you are sick of playing alone, look no further! We have members that are on throughout the entire day/night. Our player base literally stretches across the entire globe! This is an amazing clan that I am so thrilled to have joined. TAW cares about all of their members. We are here not to just play, but we support our members as well. We help each other complete milestones, unlock mods, and collect the origin achievements. We also have staff that focuses on creating in game challenges to help hone in on your skills, as well as creating out of game activities to excite even the most hardcore of Star Wars fans! Please send TAW-Hellion an in game friend request to join in on the action! Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  • Apply at and we WILL respond within 1-2 days.
    Every Wednesday I personally ensure SWBF2 is more than just a couple hours of fps fun, I hold shennanigans and Badges.

    You know what it's like to win a match of strike without killing any opponents? We do.
  • Apply at and we WILL respond within 1-2 days.
    Every Wednesday I personally ensure SWBF2 is more than just a couple hours of fps fun, I hold shennanigans and Badges.

    You know what it's like to win a match of strike without killing any opponents? We do.

    I do love said shenanigans you know
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