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[BF II - PC] [TAW] The Art of Warfare - Enlist Today!



  • Join us Today! TAW.NET
  • Come and join us as we use the new clone skins dropping the 29th.
  • TAW is about to sport some shiny new Clone trooper legion skins. And we want YOU to join us!
    Come put on some new clone armors, and get in game with TAW.
  • The only thing that makes this game better is playing it with a great group! Join TAW Today!
  • New clone skins are out now, come join us :D
  • Join TAW today! I promise you won't regret it!
  • Are you ready for the new squad system coming in the September update? Need some friends to play with? We want you in our squad! Join TAW and buddy up in the new squad system. We're friendly, active, and accommodating. Hope to see you in game!
  • Join TAW Today!
  • We are all eagerly waiting for Geonosis, Don't miss out and come join us
  • Here in TAW, we host multiple events. There's something for everyone to love. We want you in TAW today!
  • the next update is right around the corner, come join us at
  • Taw is a great place to make friends, learn to be a better player and have fun playing

    Check out
  • Join today! I promise you will not regret it!
  • Grievous comes this month, Make sure to join us for the Chaos that await at
  • Join TAW today! You know you want to! :smiley:
  • Love Star Wars? Love Star Wars Battlefront 2? We also filled those check boxes. We have a ton of fun and would love to have you. Join us at!
  • Voice lines were announced today and we are very excited to test them out in game, Come join us as we wait for launch.
  • Join us today!
  • New grievous photo released, come join us on the hype train
  • Come join the fun, new squads, new Grievous!
  • Join Us Today!
  • This clan still active and recruiting for battlefront 2 on pc? add me Believe_K on origin
  • Great things are coming for this game! Please join us making that experience just that much better!
  • Hi latharian i added you and sent a few messages via origin are you receiving those messages?
  • Looking for an active community to play Battlefront 2 with?

    Our Battlefront division holds over 30 active members and we are looking for more!

    The Battlefront team offer & focuses on:

    * Casual social community play

    * Structured squad gameplay and communication practise

    * Organized game nights and events which are hosted multiple times a week

    We promise a great and fun time with players that enjoy Battlefront & gaming as much as you! The community we have created here is something special and we would love for you to join us!

    Feel free to add me on discord or Origin if you have any questions!

    Discord: Knurr#7334

    Origin: TAW_Knurr

    For our direct application link please visit -
  • Hey! Anyone looking for a good community to play SWBF2 with? Consider TAW, we have all skill ranges, and some great people. There's no reason to play the game alone, go on over to and check us out.
    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • Happy New Years! Start the new year off right by joining TAW!

    Hope to see you in the game!
  • lexmedic157
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    edited January 2019
    TAW gaming community video
    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • Don't go it alone? Capital Ships are with friends! Visit today!

  • We're looking for members that want to have a good time playing SWBF2. All skills levels accepted, from the brand new to the experienced. Just a group of players that like to get together, in a friendly environment, and have a good time playing this game. If you're interested, go to our link and sign up.
    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • Come join a fun bunch of players that enjoy Star Wars and competitive play. We come from all skill levels. We also generate in house games to broaden the SWBF2 experience. For example, the link below goes to our next event that we will be doing in a few weeks.
  • If you're looking for a chill group that play SWBF with, come on by and sign up. No skill level required, we're just here for some Star Wars fun.
    "Do, or do not! There is no try."
  • TAWDDReturns
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    edited May 2019
    We want you for our community enlist today! We are a highly organized gaming community that dates all the way back to 2001, we have over 2000 members from all over the world and play over 40+ games! If you would like to join our division you can expect relaxed gaming sessions, custom events, highly tactical events and above all else a friendly and mature environment, we take applicants of all skill levels and do our best to improve your experience. Look no further, join us today!
  • We are launching a new custom event and doing our annual hero showdown tournament at the end of the month, be sure to join us at today!
  • p3bubba
    55 posts Member

    Seriously, if you love Star Wars and like to have fun, join TAW and have a good time, make some friends and enjoy Battlefront 2.
  • Looking for something more in this game? A sense of pride and accomplishment? Join us today at and experience battlefront with us, tons of fun and exciting gameplay promised.
  • Join us at We have active players from NA and EU, weekly mandatory events and weekly optional events. We have an active discord channel with plenty friendly people, add me and lets play some battlefront; on origin: TAW-DDReturns and discord DD#9449
  • Hey trooper, interested in joining a nice and friendly gaming comunity? Look no further, join us at
  • Join us at !
  • Hello there. Are you looking for a mature and fun community to play games with? Check us out at , we have over 2000 members and 50+ active games. If you have any questions pm me or add me on origin; taw-ddreturns.
  • TAW is looking for some new members to try out the rolly bois with us! We're a really friendly gaming community. We hold multiple events weekly and are always looking for new friends to play with. Everyone is welcome. Join at
  • We also play battlefront 2015 and a plethora of other games, there's always something going on in TAW, we are a tight-knit community and everyone matters to us, check us out at
  • We have players from all over the world, we play all the game modes and are very active with mandatory and optional events. If you have a mic and are over the age of 16, check us out. I'm TAW-DDReturns on Origin, add me and lets play some battlefront! Join us at
  • Still Recruiting! Join for Family, Friendship,Respect and lots of fun and unique clan events that take SWBF2 to a whole new level of involvement and fullfillment!
  • New Ewok Hunt is coming! Come join us and lets hunt some stormtroopers together! Check us out at!
  • If you want some friendly and respectfull people to play with and have fun then you came to the right place.Join us on Today!
  • Hello there, our HvV optional starts in 1 hour, you're very welcome to join us. My Origin is TAW-DDReturns, to apply directly visit us at
    Very excited for the new update coming out, hope Bobba stays powerful.
  • Come and Join us to have fun and play together with kind and fun people! Apply today on or add me on origin TAW-Fr3Quency!
  • The new update is live! Some cool changes for sure. If you're looking for some friendly people to play with instead of the random lobbies and have fun while doing it, check us out on or add me on origin, TAW-DDReturns and lets get some games in!
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