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Focused Feedback

Update the game already

Cmon release the patch! i'm tired of broken matchmaking and having to find ways to play the game!

And really tired of playing without sounds please at least give us some ETA


  • I'm not confident that the patch will fix the match making, nor balance anything.

    I'm assuming they'll nerf anything good, (dl-44, sc14c, bowcaster, explosive shot), and buff all the junk, like, scout pistol.

    Honestly, I don't look forward to this patch. Unless it fixes my audio popping issues which come and go.
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  • Are you joking me? the scout pistol is amazing dude, it can be a one shot kill if you are close enough or if you get a head shot. Although it sucks at long range, its amazing at short range and when upgraded has a 6 second cooldown. I think this is one of the few star cards that you have to actually be a pretty decent shot with to kill someone, unlike the bowcaster where you can shoot anywhere near the person and kill them when its fully charged.
  • All i want is the no sound problem fixed, it's the most annoying thing
  • Well this is Dice so it will probably break more then it fixes!
  • Considering the lack of communication and the fact they don't even have moderators merging topics, etc. on the forums I think the DLC is about all we'll hear from them on this game anymore.
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