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Lack of content is in other game companies too!

Halo 5: lacks split screen now
Black ops 3: lacks extended single player
Star wars battlefront: lacks extended single player
Gears of war 4: (possibly) lack split screen
Destiny: lack of story
Seems like they put all of their ideas into their old games but when they develop new games they run out of ideas. Im gonna say it like this: they fully put their mind to it when they develop the old gen games, now the new generation of these games seems shorter like they used up all their ideas in one game and making a new one lacks creation because they used up all of their plans from the old games



  • Its because most game companies are given a schedule of when a game or dlc has to come out. With games getting more advanced in terms of graphics other things tend to take hits. how good the graphics are has become the industry now.
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