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request for a future update

I know this is probably peanuts to most of you guys, but my girlfriend and I do enjoy playing Survival mode together but would love to use any skins we unlock in that mode (my gf loves Rodians, and I'm looking forward to playing as a Quarren).

Any chance this could be added in a future update? I know the time to ask for this was probably eons ago, but I figured I'd post it in the forum just in case someone from EA/Dice is reading.


  • I only say this because if we're not going to get other offline modes, then I would at least like Survival Mode to be bumped up a little, since it's the one Single Player offering that I find to be fun.

    I get that people in other threads are angry that they're giving us more Survival and not bots, but if that's what's happening then that's what's happening and we should at least try to enjoy the modes we do have. I dunno. I think Survival is fun. It's not Instant Action fun, but it's still a heck of a lot of fun!
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