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More troops!

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edited January 2016
I know this has been brought up but I'm posting my own topic so I can say I actually tried to be heard by EA.

We need Imperial troops to play as like AT-AT drivers, AT-ST drivers, Tie pilots, Death Star troopers and gunners, Royal Guards and Imperial officers.

For the rebels we need an Ithorian, Shistavanen, Mon Calamari, Bothan and Wookiee ect.

Also, Why is it people think it's crazy having these troops, especially the imperial and rebel pilots as playable characters?

Maybe their vehicle crashed and now they are in the middle of the battle.
Maybe their base was ambushed and now they have to defend it along with the infantry.

It's a war and it really doesn't matter the circumstances as long as they are fighting to win the battle and the fighting doesn't belong to one branch of either side's forces.

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