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Starfighter Weapons School (huehuehue)

Sup Fighter Jockies,

Looking for fellow Fighter Squadron junkies. I've been playing this mode since launch, and still haven't gotten tired of it (534 matches, 57% Win Ratio, 1.57 K/D)...although like everybody else, I just want moarrr of everything.

Really diggin' what they did with this last patch - Hero ships are a lot more balanced and are able to be taken down in a reasonable time/effort.

Hero Token campers, A-Wing cheezers, whatever...everybody's welcome. :)

XboxOne: BaronAngryEarl
Call sign "Jester."


  • I don't play FS much but when I do, I enjoy it. I'm more a ground pounder but I'm adding you in case I catch ya.

  • Super old post but us Starfighter players are few and far between. I'm going to add you as well.

    Dr Mobrus
  • Chooch09
    70 posts Member has a bunch of unfilled starfighter squads we are looking to fill if interested please make a app stating your interested in starwars
  • Gamertag: T Moonz2
  • CNevarezN
    134 posts Member
    I'll add you bro. I absolutely love flying man. Especially with the Tie Fighters. That speed boost is awesome lol!


    I'll be on later on, late afternoon. I live on the East Coast ^.^
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