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Eastern US? Not Tonight!

Got 3 games of WA going and all of them have raging aimbots.

How is the West Coast? East Coast is gone.


  • Terra
    8 posts Member
    edited February 2016
    Southern California here. I'm stuck in a loop trying to find a game in every game mode, every single day since mid December. Usually I sit at the "looking for games" screen for 10 minutes before I give up. And this is coming from someone who had no issues since beta or launch.

    The few games I do play have people quitting pretty quickly due to cheaters or lack of players. Haven't bothered since Jan 29.
  • I remember a time when games were fun, not disgusting and stress inducing like they are now. The cheaters must be dealt with, or any intelligent person is not going to play this stuff very long. Truth hurts.
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