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My coworker is throwing stuff around the office

Wonder if she got fired or something she's throwing papers around and banging the drawers and her desk this is a very exciting day.

Anyway thought I'd share this off topic excitement wth you. Lets see how the day ends up


  • False alarm she just doesn't know how to use Microsoft Excel even in the most basic of ways.
  • I just bought a 4 pack of astronaut ice cream on amazon.

    Fun fact: the astronauts never ate ice cream in space. Not even the dehydrated kind. The one mission log that contained the words" ice cream" comes from apollo 7. They interviewed an astronaut from that voyage and he said " they don't know a lick of what they're talking about. We certainly never had that. Plenty of pudding. No ice cream"
  • Busy day at the office, I see (says the commenter posting from work)
  • MoistGamer
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    Hooboy wrote: »
    Busy day at the office, I see (says the commenter posting from work)

    :) we can make it happen. I work Saturdays and most work nights to help this d amned place stay afloat anyway. I'll get my time back from them as I will please. On the smartphone btw. Can't have the IT cave trolls tracking my habits. They don't even let you change your desktop background here. Once you see something crazy as that you've got to presume. .. you're being watched! (Whips around with blaster in hand to see Yoda right behind me)
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