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Digital Illusions

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edited February 2016
Was reading Retro Gamer today, Never realised it before, but DICE was originally Digital Illusions, who made the Amiga pinball games Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies and Pinball Illusions (and before that they were "The Silents" indie group). Used to love those games, I have the remake for PSP.

Anyway, just a bit in the magazine I though was interesting, small world


  • Yeah, it's a fact I learned and forgot along the way. Those pinball games are still great. They should remake them properly in 3D (I think there is a phone app version that's done this, but might have been a different company and maybe not as good as they could be).
  • The 2D game was direct ported to PSP, PS3 and iOS by Cowboy Rodeo who bought the rights.
  • Yeah I've got that one, decent port. I haven't looked for the 3D one for a while, might have been called something different.
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