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PS4 Battlefront Clan

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Your welcome to join us!

Milites Ex Mortis is a Central US time zone PS4 clan and we are the official Battlefront group of MXMGamingTV. We also have groups in other games such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Battlefield, Madden and Destiny with more to come!

We provide a friendly atmosphere comprised of family oriented players who enjoy helping each other out and would like to grow our community with like minded players.

With Star Wars: Battlefront around the corner, we are in need of more players in our Battlefront community. The content in Battlefront is exciting and we look forward to experiencing it with you.

We use the "BAND" app for clan only chat. We do ask that you make an effort to contribute to the community by being active on BAND chat and our website forums. Come! Join us and be a part of something great!

Join us on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter @MXMGamingTV. Your welcome to join our new PS4 community at and our public BAND group at or search for us on the app.

See you planet side!
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