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Hero emotes

As we can't directly communicate with other players is it possible the heroes/villains in HvV could have an emote that says 'stick together', 'work together' or something like that?

Heroes v Villians is my favourite game mode but I'm sick of starting as a stormtrooper and seeing Bobba fly away on his own (and within a minute or two a message pop up saying he's been defeated), the emperor running around cackling (although it does make me laugh) and Vader stood still telling us how their defeat is inevitable whilst jumping up and down.

Many times I'm the last villian and end up with all 3 heroes attacking me at the same time and multiple smart rockets and grenades hitting me whilst trying to block what feels like an incoming nuclear war with my lightsaber.

Please - just a single emote saying stick together or work together!


  • wazza
    25 posts Member
    edited February 2016
    i suggested this just before. we really need something of the sort since we can't have voice chat. for some odd reason people think they can rush in and take on all 3 heroes by themselves... i play lots of HvV as well and most of the time it's a loss because the other team has better team coordination.

    maybe have a "team leaders" option as well and only they can use said emotes. only the ones with say a 1.0 K/D or above, or a certain amount of time played can opt for it, as it shows they've got some kind of experience. limit it to a few people like 2 team leaders in HvV and maybe 5 in the bigger game modes. idk just a thought.
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