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Wilhem scream

Can you add that to the sound of stormtroopers death? And you should make it rare like only happens %10 of the time though



  • Seriously

  • It already DOES happen. :-) But seriously, I think I've only heard it twice in all my hours of playing. It feels like 1% of the time. Someone in another thread suggested it happen every time someone jet-packs and you puncture the pack (when the player flies around like crazy before exploding).
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  • It happens although I've only heard it twice, once including myself getting hit with a thermal detonator on Jakku, ha ha
  • I've heard it a couple of times. Good that it's not overused.

    I recorded and watched The Charge At Feather River the other day and didn't realise it was what it was until I heard Private Wilhelm mentioned. Though the sound does come from an earlier movie (Distant Drums or something?), multiple takes of someone being attacked by an alligator. Who would have thought out of something so tragic could come so much fun. ;)
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