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Don't you start to cry a little when...

When you get a tie fighter to take down that one dude who strafed you, and then there are two a-wings and an x-wing flying at you as you enter the air ;-;


  • I cried every time I flew because the only kill I ever got was guys that fly well have my respect, I cannot and only occasionally try it on Jakku because of the map size and the seemingly fewer obstacles to kill myself slamming into. I've been in games where the fliers owned the map because they flew well, and I mean well enough that they were far more trouble than the opposing ground troops.
  • Ah yes, I've popped up to certain death many a time. Just keep your chin up, fly straight at the Rebels and hope you blast or ram the first one before they waste you.
  • I too cry while I turn around and **** of there.
  • Especially when you know the other 2 tie icons are difficult to get to for your teammates because of where they are on the map. Sometimes is near impossible to get all aircraft up at once, while the other team has no problem in doing so. And that piecemeal approach rarely ends well, leaving one team with an advantage simply due to icon placements.
  • I cry when I shoot one down, then it DOES A BARREL ROLL death animation right into me.
    What you looking at?
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