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Why should greedo be a villain? I disagree

603 posts Member
Greedo only appeared in movie 4 for only 2 minutes but why does such a short term engagement get so popular? Because he threatened han solo with a blaster. I think is just shocking because he is one of the first who thinks he can boss with han solo.
I know that rodian in the outer rim dlc thumbnail is there but that dosent mean its greedo. Cover art means nothing.
And captain phlasma is not even coming anyway because this dlc is only focusing on original triology though



  • Kj-ZoSo
    609 posts Member
    Greedo was a bad egg. From trouble maker as a kid to low down bounty hunter as an adult. Scum and villainy.

    Captain Phasma was pointless and shallow, much like TFA in general. Ooh wow, chrome armour (in sarcastic tone). ;)
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