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Another one of those days

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edited March 2016
I think I've lost every game I've played tonight. Turning Point and Walker Assault. Every match, on the losing side. The game even rubbed it in an extra time by dropping me into a game with 1 second on the clock into an immediate loss.

I just got out of Jakku Turning Point with 38 kills and 5 deaths, so it's not like I'm not trying.

Ever had this happen? It's very discouraging to see my win loss ratio go down 2% in one day. :'(


  • It's actually making me think dark forces a at work,I know for a fact I'm being paranoid but it's getting kinda like Fifa where some days you are great and other days you couldn't hit a bulls ar$e with a spade
  • I have been in a funk for two weeks now, no matter how hard I try I seem to be dying so much, I must admit I have rage quit a number of times! One of my controllers is damaged after I threw it! - deep breaths "it's only a game"
  • Ahhhhh......... the smell of a burned controller in the middle of night.
    I'll never forget. :)
  • The worst thing about it is that now when I do well I'm wondering if I am actually playing well or are my opponents suffering with lag or whatever it is that I suffer from,I've been on today and done fine (or was it just that the game was in my favour) paranoid,that's me
  • Rok73
    583 posts Member
    Any you had the feeling this was worth a thread? Because you lost a couple games? K.
  • Yep my wifi is still getting lag and im not haveing fun tonight score system is a mess to me and i can not enjoy liea in game her chest is to small needs to be bigger
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