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Team imbalance illustrated via K/D ratios

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I played a Turning Point game the other day where I felt like I was doing about everything humanly possible to try and secure a win. But we lost on the final CP with just not enough people pushing the objective.

Here is the screen capture of the final scores...


Notice the general trend in the K/D values and its no wonder why my team lost. But this lead me to ponder the way teams are formed in this game. Since the game persistantly tracks our personal stats, does it not use these stats when figuring out how to divvy up the teams? I would hope that it looks at each player's individual K/D, how many games they've won, how many challenges have they won, etc when composing the teams.

There are likely many reasons why these K/D numbers are what they are, and one game's scores isn't any sort of broad indicator. It just made me wonder about this.


  • I dont play turning point ever, but is it typically one-sided on that map in general?

    Regardless switching up teams at just the map-change based on K/D &/or previous games scores, etc should be implemented.
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