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New idea for Death Match, and/or team death match.

I was just thinking that a lot of shooters have a death match game mode, and most people enjoy it. But I couldn't think of how it would work since it's all about the rebels vs imperials And then it came to me...

Bounty Hunter wars... Death match... Customise your own bounty hunter, from various skins, races etc, add in some new guns, star cards that can only be used by bounty hunters in this mode like traps, rockets, nets, stun Ray's, camo, flame thrower, invisibility, more sniper rifles, rail gun, poison?

I thought this would make an awesome free dlc (or paid) and add another dimension to the game. It could be seperate, they could have its own ranking up system. They could add teams as well since bounty hunters also worked in teams, 3v3 or 6v6, maybe a round style like counterstrike??! Or even add a bounty mode where you have to protect a certain member of your side.

Lots of possible ideas floating about but I thought it would be wicked to have, everyone likes more characters and skins and customisations, and most SW fans love bounty hunters... they could make this awesome.

What do you guys think? Cool or rubbish? I think it has potential and want the dice team to see this post so it's in their mind!


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  • I know that people are wanting a galactic conquest, story 1player or co-op, Space battles etc, but I think this idea could slot in easy with the system they have set up.
  • moondynemc
    1979 posts Member
    Actually sounds very cool, I assume it'd be a 1 life per match kind of system?
  • havoksolo
    170 posts Member
    edited March 2016
    Yeah something like that, once you die you would wait for everyone on your team to either die or defeat everyone on the opposing team. Like counter strike. There's many options and that's just one idea. Either that or just a standard Deathmatch bounty hunter battle and then maybe a bounty hunter team rumble would be cool. I think its an idea to get more personalized and cool characters & skins, theres a lot more cool stuff they could add but having a bounty hunter brawl with its own customisation would be sweet.
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  • This is ridiculously good, this way we'd actually get character customisation (limited to a mode). Mandalorian Helmet - 3500 credits. Kaching.
  • lets make that mandalorian helmet 11,000 credits more like ;)

    I feel like the rebels and imps are limited too much but in the bounty hunter world there is a tonne of cool gear, armour and weapons they could utilise!
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