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Turning Point: Control Point orbital strikes and the t-47

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(major edit: I originally posted this as being caused by being "lost far far away". That was incorrect. It was orbital strike. But the sitiuation is still unclear to me).

I was just in the T-47, being quite the annoying pest on Jakku Turning Point when I came too close to the capture point when it flipped. My T-47 was almost at full health and I was only in the "debris cloud" for a second when I turned away and fired the speed boost. But less than a second later, I was killed by orbital strike.

I'll post a video of it in a bit. I'm wondering... is this yet another bug? When I get the video up it will make it clear what happened. It wasn't an orbital strike from the other team. It was just the standard "wall" of debris that falls when the control points flip sides.
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    You ended up getting hit by AI orbital strike after a point is captured? That's what I am reading from your post. You'll get lost far far away the vast majority of the time you stick around when a point is captured regardless of health. Keep an eye on the capture countdown while flying in the Airspeeder.
  • Cyonyde
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    Here is the video of the event in question.

    Looking at this vid, I was hardly in the orbital strike at all. It only did one tick of damage to my ship. More strangeness from SWBF.
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    It's happened to me quite a few times. Usually when I am not paying attention to my team capturing a control point. As your video showed, you were close enough to the captured control point that the orbital strike took you out. My best advice is to always pay attention to how close a control point is to being capture.
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